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The characters and the situations within these fanfiction stories are not the property of the authors. They are the property of J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers, and others, and are used without permission; challenge to copyright is not intended and should not be construed.

Fanfiction Recommendations

I write, and have a great preference to read, erotica. Many of the following HP fanfiction recommendations are stories that I'd classify as erotica, though not all, by any means. It's not enough for them just to get an NC-17 rating! And erotica isn't limited to just Plot-What-Plot.  In my book, the story is erotica if 1) the story was clearly written for the sex, 2) the sex is told so descriptively that it is intended to arouse (assuming you like that sort of thing), and 3) either the proportion of sex scenes in the story is significant or the attention the sex scenes seem to get is. And yes, erotica can be dark, and it can be funny.

Those stories I consider erotica are so labeled.
But that's my personal label and the authors might disagree! Nor does that imply that the other stories aren't sexy; many of them are very arousing even if not explicitly erotica.

Once again I have resisted the inclusion of Works In Progress.

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And a few stories I have no links for since I can no longer find working links. But I do have saved copies, and you're welcome to email me if you'd like them sent to you.

These are presently in no particular order.
Just my whim.

Through a Shattered Mirror, by Rushlight- (Harry/Snape/Draco) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) Any story that starts with Harry curled up on the floor of a dungeon cell, fearful about his fate, and is rated NC-17, is gonna get my notice. And oh, does this story go in the hoped-for direction. Harry is gifted to Snape by Voldemort (who is not clever enough to realize what's really going on. Delightfully so, neither is Harry). My utter favorite flavor of erotic non-con is in this story. And the ending is terrific-- the "happy" ending that manages not to nullify the power of the non-consensual erotica that preceded it. The scene involving slightly-higher-in-the-ranking-enslaved Draco working over enslaved Harry, while Snape watches, is one of the hottest things I've ever read. I have every single turn of Harry's body in that scene memorized, and am not ashamed to admit it. Yum.

A Season In Hell (no link available; you may email me, Amanuensis, if you would like to read this), by Cassandra Claire- (Harry/Draco) (Humor, Angst) (NC-17) (Erotica) During the Siege of Hogwarts, Harry finds out what end-of-the-world sex is all about. He just didn't expect it would be with Draco Malfoy. Funny. Angsty. Gorgeous. Incredibly sexy. Words fail me. The story that made me say, "Why read/write Harry/Draco ever again? This is it." (Okay, I got over that part.) I won't have to tell you to go read After The Flood, its sequel-- you'll be yelling "Where is it!?" as soon as you're done. I still cannot figure out why some think this is darkfic. It's way too funny. One of the first stories I read in the fandom and still one of my absolute favorites. I have read this story out loud to people, in its entirety.

Resolution's Ease, by Nimori- (Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Snape) (Dark) (PG) The peaceable end to the war with Voldemort. And, oh, yes: The Terms. I love this story so much I can hardly read it. Because it hits all my favorite things SO perfectly that it makes me sick with jealousy that I didn't write it. I love non-con. I love weddings. Above all, I love non-con weddings. And I love Nimori.  Is it possible to lick your lips and weep at the same time? I did, while reading this. I think it's the part with Harry rising from the bed of his beloved, to get dressed for his wedding-- to someone who is not his beloved--that breaks me up each time I read it.

Draco Dormiens (no link available; you may email me, Amanuensis, if you would like to read this), by Cassandra Claire- (Harry/Hermione/Draco love triangle, I'm not going to give it away!) (Action, Romance) (PG) Adventure! Romance! Humor! For many, this is the quintessential "Let's see if we can turn that evil little bastard Draco into someone who we could actually like as a character" story. That's really all you need to know-- that and that it's got terrific cliffhangers, every chapter, that made me squeal every time, and the Harry/Hermione/Draco love triangle is utterly wonderful and even more fun than the plot, which seems incredible when you discover how fun the plot is. DD is the first of a trilogy, the last part of which is still a WIP, but this first part sent me into fiction rapture for days-- I even had to write a smutfic based on it, I loved the story so!

Family Trees, by LinW-(Harry/Lucius, others) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) If I say it pushed all my buttons perfectly, is that praise enough? If I say that it was devilishly clever, is that praise enough? Because I just don't know how else to put it into words. This is a rich, startlingly told tale involving all my favorite things-- Lucius/Harry, a dark future, non-con-- ritualistically organized non-con in much of it--brave yet vulnerable Harry, and I think that all I can do to illustrate is share this bit of it with you: Lucius has been given a very delectably helpless Harry as a temporary gift, and prior to making use of him, reveals Harry's fate:
"Do you know what 'The Cages' are?"
"'Draco's Cages'? It's kind of a whorehouse for Death Eaters. They use captive witches as the whores..."
"It's not exactly a whorehouse...It's a breeding farm..."
Harry's wine glass slipped from his nerveless fingers and shattered on the floor.

All I can say is, if that sort of thing hits you where it counts, as it does me, run, do not walk, and read this story.

Submission, by Abaddon- (Harry/Draco) (PWP) (NC-17) (Erotica) Slurp. God, I could just eat these versions of Harry and Draco alive. Draco is seductive and teasing and wicked and Harry is sweet and worshipful and helpless with his own arousal. And then you find out just why they seem to be acting at such extremes. Yum.

A Year and a Day, by Nimori- (Harry/Various) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) Nimori got all my kinks dead on again, and leaves me weeping both for the beauty of this story and envy that I didn't write this. (God, I conceive stuff like this all the time; I just don't know how to write it in a way that's not silly. Nimori is never silly.) Voldemort gives Harry to his Death Eaters as their whore for the title's duration of time, as a method of both breaking him and training him to be Voldemort's own personal slave. Features an obsessed Lucius and Severus, a dreadfully used Draco and Sirius, and an ending that had me curled up and whimpering. This one hit me hard.

Wear My Face, by Rusalka- (Snape/Lucius in a Lucius/Sirius kind of way...) (Angst) (NC-17) MWPP era. Awkward Snape basks in the glow that is the exquisite but callous Lucius Malfoy... and will take any crumb of affection he can get from him. If someone were to ask me to recommend a story to a newbie... who wants to see what this HP fanfic is all about... who wants to understand what NC-17 slash is all about... that isn't looking for fluffy or funny stories, but wants something that is meaty and canonical... and would be likely to make them say, "Damn, this stuff is WONDERFUL! Where do I go for more?"... I really do think it would be this story.

Want/Need (no link available; you may email me, Amanuensis, if you would like to read this), by DarkRose- (Harry/Lucius) (Dark) (NC-17) "I cover his lying honey-sweet mouth with my own, the only reliable way I've found to silence the brat. The green eyes widen for an instant then flutter partly closed. He never closes them completely when he is with me. Wise child." A Harry/Lucius character sketch that still gives me chills every time I read it.

Slip Of The Tongue, by Seeker- (Snape/Lockhart) (Humor) (NC-17) (Erotica) I think this is the funniest filthy story I've read in the fandom. Lockhart decides that Snape must be glowering at him so because he' Admirer. The sex is slapstick and insane and I howled and howled with laughter and still do just thinking about it.
It was lovely. Incredible. Wonderful.
Oh, God, it was Lockhart.

That would be my personalized license plate if it would only fit.

Through A Glass, Darkly
, by Lexin- (Snape/Harry) (Dark) (NC-17) Gorgeously dark AU story. Hogwarts is a boarding school, all right-- one of those nasty, dreadfully true-to-life British boarding schools full of abuse. Not just a non-con fest, though-- there's trust and a sort of unexpected affection to be had as well. See if these opening lines get you: Potter lay on his face as Weasley Tertius thrust into him, wishing Weasley were someone else. Or he was, he wouldn't have minded which. If you're salivating, go.

Some Strange Enchantment, by MelodySatin- (Harry/Snape) (Humor) (NC-17)I'm a huge MST 3000 fan, and had no idea it was the convention in HP MSTies to use the actual characters to MSTy the fic! I was screeching so loud over this one I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what to think. This story nests a purposely badly-written fic that Harry and Severus must read together so that they can "learn to overcome their differences and work together."
~~~The wind and rain beat his soul into submission as he fought the urge to shriek in the same kind of pain his love would soon be suffering.~~~
SNAPE: Aha! You’re going to be shrieking in pain soon! Things are looking up!
HARRY: I’m not. You’re going to save me!
SNAPE: Don’t count on it, jailbait boy.

I still lose it over this one. Oh, and there's a romantic ending too!

If That Mockingbird Won't Sing, by Aspen- (Snape/Harry) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) Such a gorgeous piece of chanslash. Slightly AU Snape punishes a very young Harry for his transgressions. Possibly the most frighteningly arousing story I've read in the fandom. I wanted to see this juvenile Harry ravished so damn badly I had to wonder if I really had jumped off the deep end into Evil Person-hood. That's how powerful it is.

Cordelictus, by Fabula Rasa- (Snape/Black) (Angst, a bit dark, but undeniably romantic too) (NC-17) Possibly the first and last word that needs to be said on soulbond stories. Severus and Sirius hurt each other too often and too stupidly, just like volatile lovers will, and so subject themselves to a bond that they hope will transcend all that pettiness. Which could very well destroy them. Oh, forget my summary, just read this: "You irksome, adolescent, egomaniacal bastard. You have irritated and enraged me for the better part of thirty years, and I won't stand for another minute of it. In the interest of persuading you once and for all to shut up and leave me the hell alone, I will tell you, just this once: I love you, you little prick. I love the way you pull on your pants in the morning, I love the way you drink your tea, I love the way your hair falls in your face when you read, I love the lines around your eyes when you laugh. I've loved you so long I hardly know when I began, and I love you so well I shall never be able to stop. Your feeble little mind can hardly wrap itself around the degree to which I love you, and you needn't preen yourself overmuch for your bravery today, because if you hadn't said it, I surely would not have been able to contain myself much longer. I love you, and only you, and shall never love another my life long, and when you are tired of me and toss me out on my ear, underneath my hatred will still be love, and more love, and yet more." May Fabula Rasa forgive me for pulling that amazing line out of context, but I could not stop myself.  At least it comes near the beginning and isn't a spoiler. This is how she writes. Go read this.

Disciplinary Authority
, by Seeker- (Harry/Draco/Snape) (PWP) (NC-17) (Erotica) Okay, this one wins the Hottest Kinkiest award. No contest. Harry and Draco playing consensual, brutal S&M games; Snape gets more than he bargained for when he plays voyeur... but he doesn't protest, lucky bastard. I will promise Seeker my firstborn for this, if she wants it.

Before You Die, by GMTH- (Lucius/Harry) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) Lucius does something awful to Harry. Harry gets revenge, and then some. When I first discovered the HP fandom I wanted to read some thoroughly evil Lucius/Harry smut, and this story left me both whimpering at the juiciness of the non-con and cringing at the utterly gory horror of what followed. GMTH is wonderful at this.

The Pandora Complex
, by Nimori- (Snape/Harry) (Humor) (NC-17) Snape discovers the internet. And Potterfic. And Potterslash. And Potterslash that features him. Not necessarily in that order. And he starts to write it. And then, much to his surprise, to research it. Howlingly, screamingly funny, and brilliant.

Severus Looks In The Mirror, by Isis- (Angst) (PG) Isis proves again she's one of the cleverest authors out there. Her 100-word drabbles send me into a state of ecstasy that I never thought could be achieved in such a short tale. I'm crazy about this one, and this link shows the gloriously illustrated version by brevisse. You'll go nuts when you see this.

The Truth About Harry Potter, or, What the House Elf Saw
, by GMTH- (Harry/Snape) (Humor) (NC-17) Winky the House Elf is convinced that Snape can do anything. After all, he brought Harry Potter back to life after violently killing him, didn't he? I mean, that was what she saw through the keyhole, yes? This story had me SHRIEKING with laughter. I almost had to cover my face with my hands at some parts, it was so horrifyingly funny to see how wrong poor Winky got it.

Too Wise To Woo Peaceably
, by JayKay- (Harry/Snape) (Romance) (NC-17) I have such affection for this story, being a Shakespeare buff. Hogwarts puts on "Much Ado About Nothing." In a historically accurate way, meaning with an all-male cast. And guess who are playing the perpetually quarrelling Beatrice and Benedick? The ending is so lovely, and concludes at exactly the right moment. JayKay shows real love for Shakespeare with this one.

Just Add Water, by Cybele-(Harry/Bill) (Humor/Dark, if you think about it) (NC-17) (Erotica) I still think this may be my favorite of all of Cybele's works, and that's saying something. Non-con in the way that a true definition of seduction must be. I had my fingers buried in my hair, screaming, "Bill, don't do this! Bill, you shithead!"...even as I was laughing my butt off. I've never seen seduction done quite this credibly in any other story.

Four Funerals and a Wedding, by Isis- (Humor) (PG) Not merely funny, but wickedly funny in a you-will-not-believe-THIS sort of way! Told as a series of news items. Hermione/Multiple Character pairings. Read it and see why. And then wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes.

Je Te Plumerais, by Nimori- (Harry/Lucius) (Angst) (NC-17) Going into the fandom, I didn't think a credible romantic Harry/Lucius could possibly exist. And then Nimori lifted me into the light. This is the sort of thing it takes to make them work: angst, humor, and a really bad place to Bring Each Other Out Of.  The favorite Harry/Lucius story of many a reader, and with good reason.

The Final Kiss-Off, by Isis- (Not at all Snape/Black) (Humor) (R) The anti-Snape/Black drabble that still has me quoting its fabulous lines and falling down with laughter.

Hermitage, by Fabula Rasa- (Snape/Black) (Angst) (NC-17) One of my favorites from Fabula Rasa. A deliciously enticing concept: For the sake of a mission in the cause of light, Snape agrees to go to Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit. It takes longer than was expected to exonerate him (of course). And Sirius will be the one to help re-make him (also of course). I choked up more times than I can say on this one.

Quite Enough, by Seeker- (Snape/A Whole Lotta Gryffindor Guys) (Humor) (NC-17) (Erotica) Okay. This story was my introduction to Seeker. I read this story and walked around grinning the entire day. Grinning because I was trying to go through a normal day without falling over laughing and having my colleagues have to call the men in white coats to come get me. The kind of grin that would get me whacked by a mafioso: "Whaddya grinning about? Alla time, grinning! What the hell is so funny? You think I'm funny or somethin'? Do I amuse you, is that it?" What's the story about? Oh, hell, does it matter? Oh, fine, the Gryffindors decide that they're not going to take any more from Snape. This is so impossibly dirty you will need a map to figure out who's doing what to whom. Priceless.

, by Tilly- (Snape/Percy) (PWP) (NC-17) (Erotica) Found this from Xandria's link about a story that shows artful and credible use of nipple clamps. Damn straight it does. I was grinning and wincing and moaning all at once. Quite, quite delicious. 

Harry Potter and the Jealous Husband
, by Lady K. d'Azrael- (Harry/Voldemort) (Humor) (R) Utterly freaking hilarious. Voldemort conquers and subdues Harry, making him his consort. Harry gets revenge by becoming... a nag. And they live in a London flat and the Death Eaters are incompetent and Harry cooks really wonderful penne and... oh, just go read it. Responsible for my S.O. and I calling each other "Baby Snake" and "Voldie-Bear."

If You Are Prepared, by Cybele- (Harry/Snape) (Angst) (NC-17) An absolutely remarkable love story. Why does Voldemort want Harry dead? Why is it so important that he not succeed? And how can it be that Snape, of all people, becomes someone who doesn't need a greater reason than just not losing Harry?  Do not read this story until you are ready to devote a few days to dealing with your emotions afterward. It will make you believe that this story is the way it is, the way it should be, and that this is exactly what happened in the Potterverse, and that all other ways to end it are sham.

Auto Da Fe, by blue- (Harry/Draco) (Angst) Ooh. Yes yes yes. Harry goes to witness the execution of one Draco Malfoy, Traitor. God I love this sort of thing.

A Perfect Plan, by Seeker- (Snape/Harry) (Humor) (NC-17) (Erotica) Incredibly smutty/funny/clever/fabulous. Voldemort's plot to have Snape be the instrument of Harry's downfall goes wrong in the best way-- best for those who love to read Seeker's stories, that is. Watch for the scene where Snape catalogues his day and can't figure out what part doesn't seem right. I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard.

Epistula Ultima, by Fabula Rasa- (Snape/Black) (Action) (NC-17) The first story I read by Fabula Rasa. The story SAID it was Snape/Black, so I could only watch in fascination as what purported to be a posthumous letter from Severus to Sirius drew Sirius into a heart-in-throat adventure, and then the promised romance. And if that wasn't enough, it's my favorite take on Hermione's middle name.

To Die Quickly (no link available; you may email me, Amanuensis, if you would like to read this), by Just Silver- (Harry/Lucius, Harry/Draco) (Dark) (R) Ooh, I loved being chilled by this. Written for the "Oubliette" drabblefic challenge on Harry/Lucius, this is just the perfect response to that challenge. Dark, awful, delicious.

Transfigurations, by Resonant- (Harry/Draco) (Action) (NC-17) Okay, everyone said they loved this. And I looked at it, and I saw an abundance of original characters, and a setting that took Harry away from canonical familiarity, and I got nervous... but I kept going because the writing looked great...and then I saw what Resonant was doing with Draco and I couldn't look away. There's a very good reason for the depth of detail here, and that's simply because it's lush and gorgeous. From the clever magics Resonant creates to the tiniest original details like a wizarding card game (and the routines of wizards who wear clothing with way too many buttons!), while never losing sight of the most important thing in the story-- a damn wonderful romance--this is one of those novella-length tales that should make us all proud to be part of fanfiction.

We'll Always Have Stockholm
, by GMTH- (Lucius/Harry) (Dark) (NC-17) A favorite drabblefic of mine. Features insidiously evil Lucius, and how can you resist that title?

Oral Sex, by Isis- (Snape/Black) (Humor) (R) This one had me giggling like mad through the whole thing. Sirius and Snape at a wedding. Trying to be civil. And there's booze. Civility is beyond them, but drink prompts a response other than violence.  So damn funny.

Absence series
(In The Middle, When It's Raining, An Empty Place, Silence Is Silver, Not to Forget), by Merri-Todd Webster- (Harry/Hermione/Snape) (NC-17) Yup, that's what I said, an H/H/S threesome. Not laughable at all, but tender, caring, angsty, sexy, and utterly, utterly credible. One of those stories that can make you say "Oh, my god, that's the One True Pairing." Five connected short stories.

Hush Little Baby, by Hanakai Mikakedaoshi- (Harry/Snape) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) Snape uses Harry at Voldemort's request, in front of the assembled Death Eaters. God, I love this kind of thing, especially when it's written like this. Tiny excerpt:
More.  Harder.  God, he’s beautiful.  And the sounds . . .
Stop crying, little one.  Shhhh . . . Almost done.  Just a bit . . .

Yeah, yeah, I know, we're all going to hell for liking this stuff. As long as I'm going, can I request that a lot more of this sort of thing get written? Just for me? Please?

Something To Write On/Quill And Ink, by Cybele- (Harry/Snape) (Humor, PWP at heart) (NC-17) (Erotica) A remarkable, nay, classic, set of erotic stories. Harry's fantasies about Snape get hinted at, then realized. And the boy has a creative fantasy and Snape has an even more creative response. Involves quills. And ink. And something to write on.

Harry Potter and the Daughter Of Malfoy, by Fyre -(Harry/... well, sort of Lucius...) (Humor)  A hilarious parody.  Funniest take on pregnancy imaginable. From Harry's hormonal sobfests to his enraged defeat of Voldemort by bitch-slapping him into oblivion for daring to say he looks like a beached whale, this was pants-wettingly hysterical.

My Daddy (sequel, My Baby), by T.K. Yuy- (Harry/Draco) (Angst) If I told you not to be afraid of the titles...that it's angsty and wild and strange in that brilliant way some authors have... that the parent/child endearments/roles Draco and Harry use would squick me ten ways from Sunday as a rule but the author manages it here in a way I still can't believe or conceive... you still wouldn't understand. Hell, I still don't. It's amazing. Go read.

Switch, by SassyInkPen- (Harry/Draco) (PWP) (NC-17) (Erotica) Another button-pusher that leaves me gibbering incoherently. Harry's tired of being the sub. And a little taste of power is just so addictive, isn't it? Droooool.

A Good Buy, by Minx- (Harry/Snape) (Humor) (NC-17) (Erotica) Wow! Watch as a situation that just drips with innuendo and is a perfect set-up for getting down and dirty... causes two people to learn to respect each other! What a concept, huh? Don't worry, Harry and Snape still shag the living daylights out of each other-- it just comes after they've earned that respect.

A Father's Love, by Starkiller- (Lucius/Draco) (PWP) (NC-17) (Erotica) It's the story that got me to understand the appeal of Lucius/Draco. That made me say, "Oh. Well. Malfoys are different. It's all right then." Features  consenting-- nay, seductive, adult Draco, which works really well for me.

Corpus Delicti, by Khirsah- (Lucius/James/Snape) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) I was yanked into this story by being shown this quote from it, so it seems like the best way to do the same for you.  Lucius wanted to peel away the soft, pale skin so he could see the subtle transformation, could watch the blood slide through the delicate tracery of vessels, pushing the hollow tubes up and out with the force of the magic heat sliding below the surface. Oh, Lucius so wanted to pull away at that skin, that hair, those eyes, tugging away the extraneous layers to touch the pulsing core of innocence and gently stroke the beating heart. He wanted to crack open the beautiful skull and cup that brilliant golden brain within his hands to feel the weight and gently rim the corded crease with the very tip of his tongue, coming away wet and slick and *knowing*, silvery strands of connective membrane hanging in glistening trails from his teeth. There. If you're as disturbingly enchanted by that as I was, you'll go read it.

The Lodger, by Mad Martha-(Harry/Draco) (Angst) It's serious and it's terrific and it's got an adult Harry you can believe and an ostracized Draco you can believe and a romance you can believe and cheer for.

Synergy/ Syzygy/ Snake Charmer , by Lidane (formely known as Arianrhod)- (Harry/Draco/Lucius) (PWP) (NC-17) (Erotica) God, these are hot. Harry-sandwich, Malfoy style, and everyone is having a great time and no one can predict which way the power games will go.

What Gets Broken
, by GMTH- (Harry/Lucius) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) A drabble written for the dictionary challenge "Contumacy." Lucius breaks Harry, day after day, over and over. Harry never learns, lucky us.

The Challenge, by Cybele- (Harry/Snape) (Angsty romance) (NC-17) You have to read this story, because it's creative and delightful and Snape has some amazing lines, but primarily for the scene when Harry recites his take on Shakespeare's Sonnet 130, directed at the Head of House Slytherin, from the tabletops of the Great Hall. One of my favorite romantic moments ever.

What She Wants
, by Kai- (Snape/Hermione) (PWP) (NC-17) (Erotica) How did Kai do this? How? She made me like Snape/Hermione femdom! But she has the best explanation: "Doesn't everyone realize that Snape/Hermione is just  honorary slash?" Best of all, this is an utterly convincing Snape, not at all wussy-- just a man in love with his very playful wife. Hot. Funny. Did I mention hot?

Drinks For The House, by Sobriquet- (Draco/Hermione, Harry/Hermione) (Humor, Angst, Romance) (NC-17) (Erotica) A Harry/Hermione/Draco triangle where kinks are revealed. I love this story and am proud of it because I think I helped it come into being! After beta'ing a number of my stories, this author sent this to me with a "Here, would you beta this for me?" And Sobriquet wrote erotica but not HP erotica before reading my stories! Yay!

Nates Dulces, by Fabula Rasa- (Snape/Black) (PWP) (NC-17) (Erotica) Whee! Spanking kink! Okay, it's consensual, so maybe I can't have everything... but, guys, it's Snape/Black spanking kink! You know you have to go look, you do!

Behold the Man
, by Abaddon- (Marcus/Percy) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) I don't think any other pairing could possibly have worked for this story, and that's what makes it so good! Marcus is an awful bastard, and Percy just isn't up to that level of bastard-ness, though he tries to summon it. Dark and tasty and twisty.

Dreams, by Titti- (Draco/Lucius/Harry) (Angst) (NC-17) (Erotica) As if Draco and Lucius in a sweetly consenting relationship wasn't delicious enough, they decide Harry should be invited in.

Within These Pages, by Isis- (Snape/Pince) (Angst) (PG) Can you tell a romance from the viewpoint of inanimate objects? Isis proves it can be done, and brilliantly. The pairing really works, that's also what's so lovely about this.

, by Ailei-(Snape/Ollivander) (Dark) (NC-17) (Erotica) Don't give me that look. Yes, I said Snape/Ollivander. And it's not remotely silly. It's dark. Haunting. And yes, sexy. Quite brilliantly done.

They Just Don't , by JMA- (Ron/?) (Dark) (NC-17) Ron's memories aren't reliable. They can't be. They just can't. An awful (but delicious) twist on all those lighthearted Weasleycest stories.

Sweet Hypocrisy
, by Icarus- (Snape/Percy) (Angst ) (NC-17) Snape goads Percy into avoiding the mistake of his life. One of my favorite takes on cruel-to-be-kind Snape.

You Look Tired, Harry Potter, by Minerva McTabby- (Snape/Harry) (Humor) (R) Funniest poetry parody imaginable. "You Are Old, Father William," done in a quite smutty Snarry fashion.

Harry Potter and the Polka Dot Plague
, by Mariner- (Harry/Snape pre-slash) (Humor, Adventure) (PG) The author says this is a General, not a romantic, story, but I like to think of it as pre-slash. I'm like that. In any case, it's a funny exciting tale about Harry getting the wizarding equivalent of the measles, and the adventure that follows. And you could even show it to your kids without a moment's qualm. Hey, how'd THAT kind of story get in here?

Lustre, by Calico and Julad- (Harry/Draco) (Angst) (PG) Haunted-seeming little tale-- well, not little, this one's long actually-- of a Malfoy and his pet snake, and the parselmouth Gryffindor who is the only one who can save them both. Gorgeous language that doesn't interrupt a delightful plot and romance.

Come For Christmas, by GMTH- (Harry/Snape) (Humor) (NC-17) (Erotica) If you don't see where this one is going, it's tasty smut. If you do, you're going to be rolling on the floor laughing your butt off. Either way, you'll have a great time!

The Trouble With Double
, by Blackbludger- (Weasley Twins/Snape) (Humor) (NC-17) (Erotica) Who knew Fred and George could be so sweet with their intentions to create a Snape sandwich? I could just snuggle this story so.

Flame and Shadow, by Maya- (Ron/Pansy) (Humor) Not quite the story that will make you fall in love with Ron/Pansy-- it's the story that will make you fall in love with Maya. A brilliant little romance that almost feels as though these could all have been inspired original characters, and I only say almost because she pays such close attention to making them so consistent with their canonical counterparts, and works in the wizarding world so seamlessly with our own.

Seeker To Seeker, by Baron Nomaw- (Harry/Draco) (Angst/Humor/Romance) (NC-17) (Erotica) I can't help but like this one! Draco and Harry improve their Quidditch skills by making bets with each other and the loser has to... well... you know. Oh, what am I being modest about, they get to shag the frigging daylights out of each other. And they aren't happy when they lose, either! So there's lots of lovely non-consensual humiliation going on. Except when they start feeling affectionate towards each other. How twisted is that? (God, the internet is a wonderful place.)

NEW September 2004

Seven Things That Didn't Happen At Hogwarts on Valentine's Day, Or Maybe They Did
, by Prufrock- (Remus/Sirius)  (R) (Humor/Drama) Tracks the relationship of our pups based on the events on or surrounding the Valentine's Day of each of the Marauder's school years. Hilarious, sweet, angsty by turns, this is one that will stay with you.

So You Want To Transfigure Yourself a Rock Band, by Mousapelli- (Remus/Sirius) (NC-17) (Humor/Drama)Do you know what happens now when I hear random Beatles' songs on the radio? I don't think JohnPaulGeorgeRingo, no--my brain goes right to this story. Fandom's a disease, I swear. But I'll succumb to it happily, if I can have this wonderful hug-and-squeeze-this-fic-to-pieces story, where Sirius decides the Marauders should become a glam rock-and-roll quartet, and save the day when a Yule Ball band is needed, and discover what it's like to be falling in love when there's music-making at your disposal as well. I love love love this story.

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent
, by Cluegirl- (Harry/Snape, and lot of shown or implied noncon Malfoys/Harry, with Harry on the receiving end of the abuse. And some surprises.) (NC-17) (Drama, Dark) This story has me writhing from beginning to end in SUCH a good way. Imagine a future where Voldemort reigns, and Harry is his subjugated trophy/slave/executioner. Imagine Harry suffers, a lot, at the hands of Voldemort's faithful--namely the Malfoys, in all their elegant/creative/petty glory. Imagine Harry had love in his grasp once, and lost it, making his situation all the more tragic. Squeeing yet? Then imagine that all of this serves as the barest beginning--the trappings to a wonderfully clever plot wherein Harry and his ghosts attempt to bring about Voldemort's death in a world where Harry cannot even engineer his own. One of my most button-pushing and favorite stories in the fandom ever.

Night-Blooming Heartsease
, by Julad- (Snape/Neville) (R) (Drama) Written to be a prequel to Resonant's Transfigurations. You needn't have read either to enjoy the other, but the quote from Transfigurations at this story's beginning reminds you of the fate of certain characters in this story universe. And this story wrenches me six ways from Sunday even in the remembering of it. Snape/Neville is not a pairing that would ever suck me in for the pairing alone, so, that's how good this is. Novella-length, detailing the war efforts of a Potions master and his unexpected apprentice, and evoking the same creativity with plot and clever inventions to flesh out the wizarding world as Resonant's story, this tale is one of those that reminds me to believe in love and in myself and in the essential beauty of the world--yes, it's that wonderful of a story. Lookitme, I'm getting teary just writing this recommendation.

Sans Merci, by Predatrix-(Lucius/Snape) (NC-17) (Drama) Snape, at Hogwarts, is a misfit, but he's one hell of a prodigy. Exactly the sort of servitor Voldemort needs. Snape doesn't even know how much he needs to be needed, until he falls under the influence of the physical perfection that is Lucius Malfoy. This view of Snape--almost as a high-functioning autistic, as one reviewer put it--is absolutely riveting. One of those stories that will have you hardly daring to breathe as you read. A brilliant piece of fiction, period.

Severus Snape and the Ghostwritten Romance
(frequently referred to as just Ghostwritten), by Cluegirl- (Harry/Snape, Harry/Draco) (NC-17) (Drama) Pastiche, oh, how I love classic pastiche. Cyrano de Bergerac told Potterverse style, with Snape as Cyrano, Harry as Roxanne, and Draco as--wonder of wonders!--a Christian that you won't hate this time around! For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry--part of the beauty of good pastiche is that you needn't know the original to have a good time anyway. In the midst of war, Snape plays the role of mentor, guardian, and a sort of noble panderer to the cherished hero Harry, who's really worth all the attention. Cluegirl shows her ability to craft one hell of a plotline while paying tribute to a classic romance.

Stealing Harry
and its sequel, Laocoon's Children, by Sam Vimes (Copperbadge)- (Remus/Sirius) (R) (Drama) The Stealing Harry-verse is probably my favorite AU-verse for HP fandom. I think of it as "the story I read when I need more canon, just a different version of it." As with all good "what if?"s, the premise hinges on the smallest thing: what if Sirius was delayed just that much in going to meet Pettigrew after Lily and James were killed--so that Pettigrew used another--Lucius Malfoy--as the murder scapegoat? What if Sirius and Remus obeyed Dumbledore's injunction to let Harry grow up in the protection of the Dursley household--until they could stand it no longer, when Harry was eight years old? What would it be like, to have Harry reared from that point by two people who loved him, but couldn't keep him safe by blood magic? And by the time we're at the sequel, the question becomes, how would that rearing affect Harry's arrival, his friends, and even his sorting at Hogwarts? The story's delightful; Harry is such a wonderful kid at eight, and the Remus/Sirius is not established relationship, so, you get to watch the loveliness of that developing as well. (And as a bonus, you get to see the beautiful illustrations Friede did for the story as you read!)

As a Child
, by Sophie Richard- (Snape/Dumbledore) (NC-17) (PWP) (Erotica) Such a perfect look at a consensual Dom/Sub relationship. Intense, sexy as hell, sweetly filthy. Snape fears Dumbledore can't give him what he craves in their relationship, and finds out otherwise, to his exhausted, tormented delight. Tasty array of sex toys, mmm.

I Need It All (no link available; you may email me, Amanuensis, if you would like to read this), by Ailei- (Fred/George/Ron) (NC-17) (PWP) (Erotica) Ailei says it's the filthiest thing she's ever written, and by the end of it I still wanted it to get dirtier and dirtier and never stop. God. The twins spy on their little brother, who has just as filthy a mind as they do. Fred and George and Ron are so incredibly perverted in this, and I couldn't help but cheer them on with every evil twist and turn.

Contemporary Magical Innovations By H.Granger
, by Kai- (Harry/Snape) (Hard R) (Humor) Presented with excerpts from a text documenting the spells created by Snape and Potter during the course of the war--paralleling the more conventional narrative of their adventures--this is one of the wittiest stories I've encountered in the fandom. Novella-length and filled with hilarious UST. But don't worry, they get well past the UST.

, by Leni Jess- (Harry/Draco, Lucius/Harry) (NC-17) (Drama, PWP) (Erotica) Another story which feeds my pervy preferences REALLY well. Told in three parts and from a different point of view in each, this story has Lucius playing the predator, menacing his son for the purpose of getting his own claws into Harry. And Draco has to watch, yum. Luxurious non-con.

An Eye For an Eye
, by Isis- (Harry/Lucius) (NC-17) (Drama--and Humor if you think like me) This story was literally tailor-made for me--Isis not only tried to write a story containing all my favorite elements--Harry/Lucius, non-con, non-con weddings, non-con mpreg--she also wrote it in my style! The result had me giddy, squeeing and moaning and also saying, "Damn, am I that easy to imitate?" And if I am, then why aren't the rest of you writing me lots of stuff like this, dammit? Oh, right, the plot--Lucius claims Harry as a result of a debt and and an old law. Wedding night and everything, squee!

Thou Shalt Not Kill
, by Maeglin Yedi- (Remus/Harry) (NC-17) (Drama/Angst) Something's gone wrong with the Wolfsbane potion, and Harry's in the house. I love how this story dared to include just about everything in its list of dark kinks. Let me see: bestiality, chan, water sports, rape, snuff, and necrophilia. Yeah, that'll do. It's my "you want it, you got it" fic.

Bliss, by Filigree- (Snape/Harry) (PG) (Angst) Oh, so heart-squeezing. Snape, poisoned, administers Harry. And that was meant to be an ironic pause there--not an innuendo.
"...Hold the vial of virgin’s tears over the cauldron.”
Harry’s voice caught on a sob. “That ingredient was easy enough to obtain.”
Exquisitely done. Leaves me teary every time.

The Seeker (no link available; you may email me, Amanuensis, if you would like to read this), by SeventhSqueal- (Harry/Snape) (PG) (Parody Drama-Humor) A fantastic parody. This is one that I have to be fair about and say that your enjoyment of this will be greatest if you are familiar with the work it's parodying--Salome, by Oscar Wilde. It's a line-for-line incredibly clever take on the play, and has me falling over laughing every time. Harry as Salome, Snape as John the Baptist,  Dumbledore as Herod...
GINNY WEASLEY: The Seeker has hidden his face behind his scroll! His little white hands are fluttering like owls that fly to their owlery. They are like white billywigs. They are just like white billywigs.
RON WEASLEY: What is that to you? Why do you look at him? You must not look at him . . . Something terrible may happen.
If you are reading that and saying, "Huh?", well, this may not be for you. But if you're giggling, recognizing The Young Syrian and The Page, then you have to see this.

A Thousand Words
, by Nimori- (Sirius-centric) (R) (Drama/Angst) A drabblefic exploring the seamy history of the Black family--with more evidence why Sirius hates Phineas Nigellus so. One of those ideas that just makes you say, "Yes, of course it would be like that."

No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard, by Kel--(Remus/Sirius) (R) (Drama/Angst) Or, "Remus Lupin and the Order of the Phoenix." A remix of OotP from Remus's point of view--but no tedious retelling; a "good parts" version that beautifully addresses the book's issues from an adult POV, and satisfies those of us who like to think Remus/Sirius is canon subtext. Beautiful and heart-breaking.

Invisible to See
, by Pandarus--(Harry/Draco, Draco/Justin) (NC-17) (Drama) Novel-length, and a lot of fun--just after induction into Voldemort's ranks, Draco turns turncoat and throws himself--and his information--on Dumbledore's mercy. This affects his standing at Hogwarts, from those who think he's still a spy to those who want to see what promise he has. A real page-turner--and plenty of delightful boysex!

The Blaze of Noon
, by Nimori-- (Harry/Snape, Harry/Snape/Sirius) (NC-17) (Drama/Angst) Sirius has returned, but damaged from his time beyond the Veil. Harry and Snape put him back together shard by shard. The most satisfying Sirius-resurrection story I've encountered.

The Seven Dancing Death Eaters
, by Ntamara-- (Orgyfest! Featuring AU versions of Voldemort with Snape, Harry, Percy, Lucius, Draco, Sirius, James; primary emotional pairings featuring Snape/Dumbledore and Snape/Harry) (PWP) (Erotica) This is an NC-17 version of the fairy tale, "The Twelve Dancing Princesses," which I have always thought needed to be smuttified in exactly this way and now I will never never be able to write a version of it because Ntamara did it PERFECTLY, gnyah. It's SO delicious. If you know the tale, you know you always wanted to see the oldest princess take that younger one over her knee--and that it wasn't dancing you wanted to see occupying their nights in that underground kingdom, no. Probably the tastiest orgy erotica I've found. Featuring Snape as the oldest princess, Harry as the youngest, Voldemort as the prince who waits for them in the underground fairyland, and Dumbledore as the soldier who comes to break the curse.

Ways to Fall, by Florahart-- (Harry/Draco) (PG) (Drama) Draco, cast out and helpless, is left to Harry's mercies. Such a premise could be angsty hurt/comfort, but instead, it's witty and heartfelt--Draco's so prickly this never has time to turn maudlin.

Limited Edition
, by Nimori-- (Fred/George non-con by way of Lucius) (NC-17) (Dark) Eee, Nimori does it again--another bit of contrived perviness that would have been silly in the hands of a lesser author. Lucius is collecting Weasleys at the post-war slave auctions. Whimperingly tasty.

Hogwarts' Story, by Wendy-- (Remus/Sirius subtext played up) (PG) (Humor) It's so hard to find good filk these days--and an entire filk musical that's good? Unheard of! But here it is; Order of the Phoenix as if it were West Side Story. It's terrific. From the opening lines of Lucius Malfoy's: "When you eat death you eat death all the way/ From your first crucio to your final AK" to "Somewhere" as Harry and Luna's lament for loved ones lost beyond the Veil, this is absolutely terrific--rhyme, meter, parody, everything.

Once More With Feeling (Potterverse Style), by Maybethemoon-- (Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius, Ron/Hermione) (PG) (Humor) Surely it's the apocalypse, because there are TWO fabulous full-length filk musicals in Potterverse fandom. This is the other. This is the Buffy musical episode adapted into the Potterverse, with Harry as Buffy, Draco as Spike, and--most cleverly--Snape/Lockhart as Tara/Willow (remember Lockhart's thing about memory charms? Nice!).

A Nice Cup of Tea and a Lie-Down, by Bernice-- (Gen) (PG) (Drama/Humor) Harry goes to Hagrid for a cuppa and some counseling as his friends succumb to Voldemort. Funniest twist I've seen in a long time.

Summer Days, by The Gentleman-- (Sirius/Vernon) (NC-17) (Drama) This is just wild. Vernon hates his fiancee's sister's friends. Especially that faggy bloke with the motorcycle. Sirius isn't nice about getting back at him. It works, guys, trust me.

Tower of Air, by Cluegirl-- (Gen) (PG) (Drama/Angst) As the general in this war, Dumbledore knows it is his duty to bear the loss of every soldier. Some of the loveliest and most wrenching portraitfic ever.

Your Every Wish
, by Maya-- (Harry/Draco) (R) (Drama/Angst) Oh, this one just chills me. If you had power over one person--especially if that was the person you wanted--could you resist abusing that power? Could you? Maya doesn't just touch on the idea, she follows it and follows it and makes you watch even when you want nothing so much as to be spared. Wonderfully written.

Bottoms Up, by Aucta Sinistra-- (Harry/Snape) (NC-17) (Humor) This is just rollicking. Harry goes incognito after the war, and finds Snape a customer in his pub. With encouragement, he gets him to come back for more ear-bending. Harry's frustration and dilemma is hilarious--the humor really shines in the zaniness of the language, goofy metaphors and all.

Stolen Moments, by Delphi-- (Snape/Dumbledore) (NC-17) (PWP, Angst) I love this heart-wrenching little snippet--an hour in the life of two lovers who have so much to hide, and so little time in which to make it count. "There are few secrets kept between the members of the Order of the Phoenix, save perhaps, just why it is that Severus Snape never stays at the Black house for dinner."

A Bedroom, During Summer Months, by Potty Wee Potter-- (Harry/Draco) (NC-17) (PWP) (Erotica) Moan! Draco does something evil (and kinky!) to Harry one night while he's at Privet Drive--and god help Harry if he wakes up his relatives and they see him like this. So dirty!

Into The West, by Abaddon-- (Harry/Hermione/Ron, implied Harry/Draco) (PG) (Drama) Classic pastiche that leaves me uplifted and broken, all at once. The Arthurian legend in a splendid Potterverse capsule. "The king grew heavy with eld and the cares of the state, and there were whispers that his queen and his best knight cuckolded him behind his back. There were rumours too that the king joined in their revels, and no-one was certain as to which would be the most scurrilous." Perfect little tale.

Green-Eyed Monster, by Melpemone-- (James/Harry, James/Sirius) (NC-17) (AU, Drama, PWP) Yes,  Harry/James. An AU. Teenage Harry isn't disgusted by his father's relationship with Sirius--he's jealous. What I like about this story so much is the way it doesn't try to pretend a Harry/James relationship isn't anything but unconventional. That adds just enough humor so that I can really enjoy this one.

Time Passages, by GMTH-- (Snape/Harry) (NC-17) (Angst) I love this piece both for its content and for its jigsaw-puzzle cleverness. Four tiny 100-word stories, each able to stand on its own and yet all making one greater whole, and each one--as required for the challenge for which it was written--a different content rating, NC-17 to R to PG to G. Of all the people who attempted this--or who attempt something like this--GMTH just gets it.

The Professional's Guide To Badgering People
, sequels Crouching Tiger, Hidden Badger, and How the Badger Has Fallen, by Maya-- (Draco/Zacharias) (PG) (Humor) This is so funny and so clever--a look at the Harry/Draco dynamic from a relationship that's ever so different, and yet just one step away, in so many ways. It's funny to the point of parody.

A Run In Tights, by Cawti-- (Gen) (PG) (Humor) Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to sneak by some Death Eaters. Hermione realizes they'll never be looking for three girls. Delightfully funny because it treats the challenge so seriously!

Less a Slave
, by Nimori-- (Harry/Sirius) (NC-17) (AU, Drama) Suppose that black dog that Harry saw, the night he blew up his Aunt Marge, hadn't given him a chance to call that Knight Bus--suppose it had taken a chance, and explained the situation to Harry. Could things have gone differently? Could they have won each others trust--and maybe a lot (oh so wrong) more? Chan, but terribly sweet.

Still Life
, by Monochromal--(Harry/Draco) (PG) (Drama/Angst) The late war hero Harry Potter is a portrait in a memorial. So is Draco Malfoy. What they couldn't have in life, they somehow find in this new existence. Achy, wonderful.

The Devil Will Drag You Under, by Dementor Delta--(Snape/Harry) (NC-17) (AU, Drama) This has so much that I like--bonding, forced marriage, consensual chan (if there is such a thing), and a slow-growing romance that's just so Harry's brought to Hogwarts as Snape's ward and, because he no longer has the blood protection of the Dursleys, they go through a marriage ceremony to establish his safety. Sure, it sounds like it's been done, but trust me--it's done beautifully here.

The Air We Breathe, by Marks-- (Harry/Remus) (NC-17) (Drama, PWP) It seems to me that the most obvious post-OotP Harry/Remus pairing is of two people missing a lost one, and coming together over it. This particular story grabs that angsty premise and stays true to it, but refuses to let it lie so simply, providing tangy little surprises all through.

If you read these stories and enjoy them, send feedback to the authors! And then, if you have nothing better to do, email me and we'll squee over them together.

(Also, if you are the author of any of these and have a different link you'd like me to use from the ones I used here, please let me know. I'd be glad to accommodate your preference!)

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