Despoiling Harry
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Despoiling Harry

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Drabbles, generally 100-150 words, from #Knockturn

View all the Knockturn drabbles from the beginning at this page, or click the links below to get to them individually.

Squick night

Breathplay Lucius/Severus

Necrophilia James/Peter

Snuff Harry/Snape


They don't make them like they used to Draco/Remus

Out of Character night

The things you can do with a candy cane. Ron/Draco

"Fetch, boy!" Neville/Sirius

Caring for the most magical creature of all. Harry/Hagrid

Het night

That time of the month. Remus/Hermione

Secret meetings. Snape/Ginny

Holiday much needed. Tonks/Voldemort

Second-best is sometimes best after all. Sirius/Lily

Threesome night

Nip it in the bud. Severus/Remus/?

I've heard you sing that tune before. Voldemort/Harry/?

A long, long night of waiting. Harry/Sirius/?

Don't judge a book by its cover. Ron/Peter/?

Power isn't everything Bill/Harry/?

Blood ties. Lucius/Draco/?

Broken promises. Harry/Dudley/?

Songfic night

There were nights of endless pleasure. Sirius/Harry

And if you've got no other choice, you know you can follow my voice. Lucius/Remus

If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with Snape/Voldemort

Chan night

Making happy memories to use against the dementors Remus/Harry

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Dumbledore/Tom Riddle

Seeker training. James/Harry

All's fair in love and war Lucius/Harry

There are other rooms in the Department of Mysteries, little girl. Bellatrix/Hermione

"There will be no foolish wand-waving in this class..." Snape/Harry

Innuendo night

"Stand up and take out your wand, Potter." Lucius/Harry

"He and all the other Weasleys froze on the threshold, gazing at the scene in front of them, which was also suspended in mid-action, both Sirius and Snape looking toward the door with their wands pointing into each other's faces and Harry immobile between them..." Sirius/Snape

"Quite astonishing, the way you contrive to wriggle out of very tight holes." Lucius/Snape

"What d'you mean, I'm not brave in bed?" said Harry, completely nonplussed. Harry/Voldemort

Alternate viewpoint night
This one might take some explaining. The challenge was you had to write as one of the characters you play in the Knockturnal Ruins RPG. You could interpret that any way you liked--either in the style or the skill or the viewpoint or whatever. What I decided to do is to write as though Peter Pettigrew was writing these and trying to make sure his drabbles would please his Lord. So, all these are done that way. Peter, writing drabbles that would please Voldemort. KR Petttigrew's a fanatic. Doesn't like the side of the light. Remember that.

Wouldn't send a dog out on a night like this Harry/Sirius

Just whose side are you on? Snape/Lucius

Desecrating is easy. Lucius/Harry

Cliche night

Snape as Harry's father Snape/Harry

Chapter title night

The man with two faces Snape/Bill

Out of the fire Harry/Neville

The weighing of the wands Sirius/Remus

Christmas on the closed ward. Frank Longbottom/Gilderoy Lockhart

AU night

Snape got infected during that nasty prank Black played on him. Snape/Remus

Voldemort did get his hands on the philosopher's stone. Harry/Voldemort

Harry didn't escape from the cemetery at the ending of GoF. Harry/Lucius

Abuse of power night

A wolf in sheep's clothing Remus/Harry

Father knows best Harry/Arthur

Learning to see through the lies Voldemort/Snape

First times night

The lot of the ignored. Sirius, Neville.

alliances aren't always about allies Snape, Lucius.

never take candy from strangers Harry, Voldemort

what really happened? Lupin/Snape

a drowsy night in the Serpent's den Snape, Harry

Cheating night

The Secret of Snape's Excellent Grades. Snape/Lucius

Why ever did they suspect each other of being the traitor? Sirius/Remus

"I drank your poison, you told me it was wine" Snape/Harry

Bestiality night

First date jitters. Remus/Neville

Can't stand the heat. Charlie/Norbert

What else happened in the lake? Harry/Squid

Courting rituals of the damned Voldemort/Nagini

Handle with care Harry/Blast-Ended Skrewt

Old habits die hard. Padfoot/James

Inappropriate Valentines night

The worst day of the year. Arthur/Percy

Valentine's Day and polyjuice potion don't always mix Albus/Neville

Give him what he wants and watch him cut himself on it. Snape/Harry

First line challenge: "There was a special potion..." Remus/Harry

Public sex night

Fair is fair. James/Peter

At the Werewolf Registration Office Remus/Harry

Getting expelled in style. Fred/George

"Ten points from Slytherin, Professor." Harry/Snape

Who wants to see me take off Snivelly's pants? Snape/Sirius

Azkaban nights. Sirius/Lucius

Despoiling Harry

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