Despoiling Harry

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Refined Tastes

by Amanuensis

Pairing: Harry/Lucius
  Non-con/dub-con, conditioning.
Summary: Lucius likes the tried-and-true methods.
A/N:  Written for beloved_enemies' (the lj community) Dictionary Drabble word of Performance.

"The third time is usually even more satisfying, I find," Lucius murmured. "Of course, I am speaking from my perspective. You--" he blew the smoke from his Gauloise into Harry's face-- "may not agree."

Harry didn't speak. Didn't cough, either, as once he might have. This new passivity of his excited Lucius as much as his struggles once had.

"The third time, you see--" Lucius rested his chin upon Harry's sternum, his free arm sliding about the boy's shoulders comfortably-- "there's so much less haste." His fingers stroked the back of Harry's unadorned neck. Jewels, or plain leather--which would be the right effect for a collar? "And...there's a pleasant soreness that heightens a repeat copulation, by that point."

There was a little shiver along Harry's bare skin that he could feel, that small tremor of his chest and belly beneath Lucius's. No doubt the boy had not yet come to think of his post-coital discomfort as anything heightened.

He touched the cigarette to his lips again, exhaled the smoke before he brought his mouth near the boy's. "You will come to see what I mean, in time." The kiss pretended to be lazy, though Lucius could already feel his own desire mounting yet again. Which was as it should be. The boy couldn't be allowed to think that his captor's orgasm meant a cessation of demand upon his flesh, no.

Mid-kiss, Lucius flicked the cigarette away, insinuated that hand between their bodies to cup Harry's genitals, stroke his cock to erection with only a few well-directed caresses. That got a groan from the boy, had him breaking from the kiss to gasp. Not completely passive after all, then. Lucius smiled.

"Ask me very nicely to take you again, and I'll reward you."

Four weeks ago, his captive would have spat at him. Perhaps one week ago, he would have been silent.

It took a while, but at last it came, whisper-quiet: " it again."

"Very sweet, Harry."

Jewels, then.


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