Despoiling Harry
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Despoiling Harry

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What does not kill me, makes me stronger
Lucius/Severus (First night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

Lucius coughed. Snape knew the sound of that particular cough. Shortly, blood would rise in the esophagus and accompany it.

"Take...take it out, Severus."

Snape leaned harder on the end of the pike.

Lucius curled his hands about the shaft of the weapon impaling him as if he were preparing to make love to it. "Take it out, Severus. Heal me. In the name of what we--" another cough, and yes, there was the blood at his mouth now--"what we once meant to each other."

Snape pressed harder. The pike made a wet noise as it exited Lucius's back, drove its tip into the ground. Lucius's bloody mouth formed an "o" and his hands fell away from the wood, falling to lie against the earth like two pale spiders.

"Never let your enemy rise again," murmured Snape to the sightless eyes. "You taught me too well, old friend."

"Let the living creature lie,/ Mortal, guilty, but to me/ The entirely beautiful." (Auden, Lullaby)
Remus/Snape (Poetry night, challenge by Isolde)

Severus never lets the wolf know that he enters the room to watch him sleeping.

Should Lupin wake, he has the perfect excuse: wanting to be sure the Wolfsbane has taken proper effect. Meanwhile, he is able to open the door at approximately three a.m. (even the anxious usually fall into exhausted sleep by then, and indeed, Lupin is no exception), cross the floor to the canine form curled on the throwrug, and watch it twitch and sniffle in sleep.

More than once he finds himself squelching the absurd impulse to carry the wolf to Lupin's bed, thinking that the man would appreciate waking in the warm confines of his blankets.

Once that even leads him to wonder if Lupin would appreciate another form in the bed beside him--just to provide a bit more warmth on these cold nights, of course.

Such rationalization.

He stops the visits soon after.

"I had no time to hate, because/ The grave would hinder me,/ And life was not so ample I/ Could finish enmity." (Emily Dickinson)
Snape/Lucius (Poetry night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

Two headstones.

After the war, there was no lack of work for gravediggers, coffin-builders, or marble engravers. Or for mourners.

And the cemetary holds multiple pairings of headstones, but these are not side by side. Instead, they face each other.

One reads, "If there is a dawn in Hell, I shall meet you there for a duel."

The other reads, "My seconds shall call on yours. In Hell, I shall not lack for them."

The Snape and Malfoy families are not distressed by the positions of the headstones nor the epithets. They believe it is more important to satisfy the wishes of the deceased.

After all, you never know who might come back as ghosts.

"Love is my sin, and thy dear virtue hate",sonnet 142
Lucius/Harry (Lines from Shakespeare night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

"Try again."

Harry's wand hand fell to his side. "I can't."

"You must. If you cannot do this there is no hope. No man of virtue, no good fortune, nothing will save us if you cannot do this thing.

"You do it. You left Voldemort."

"No number of turncoats will change the fact that you are the subject of the prophecy."

Harry rounded on Lucius Malfoy. "I am not a murderer."

"The world should fall to Voldemort because you should not sully your hands?" Lucius sneered. "Yes, that is like you. You must remain stainless. Harry Potter is too noble a creature to take the sins of the world upon himself. All hail The Boy Who Lived, too perfect and honorable to commit the one act that--"

"Shut up! Just shut up!"

Lucius smiled. Harry realized that he was pointing his wand at the man.

"You are learning, Potter."

"From ancient grudge break to new mutiny"
Snape/Black (Lines from Shakespeare night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

Snape wouldn't meet his eyes at the meeting.

Snape refused to stay to dinner.

Snape twitched the sleeve of his robe away when Sirius would have grabbed it as he passed, seeing how it looked to be his last chance before the man left that night.

And he did leave. Without a word.

That meant Sirius would have to floo. Dumbledore wouldn't like it, but one couldn't apparate into Hogwarts.

"Look, Severus..."

Snape only gave him his fierce glare as he stepped from Snape's fireplace.

"They were both blue."

Same glare.

"We had just had SEX, for Merlin's sake. I don't see why you're making such a thing over this."

Glare still undiminished.

Sirius sighed. There was no help for it.

"Look, I am really, really sorry I used your toothbrush instead of mine. Satisfied?"

"I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me."
Snape/Sirius (Lines from Shakespeare night, challenge by [info]sharp_tongue)

"Get OFF me, Black!"


Because you and your little band of bullies hated me and everything about me. Because you tried to kill me. Because Dumbledore kissed and coddled you to the point of overlooking attempted murder. Because I was no good to him until I was a ruined man, a turncoat, and even when you were a bloody convict you never lost your shine in his eyes. Because you belonged to a house that is presently training the very savior of the wizarding world, and mine only raised up the one who wishes to destroy it.

"Get OFF me!"


"Because you're HEAVY!"

"If I can stop one heart from breaking, /I shall not live in vain.", Dickinson
Snape/Lupin (More poetry night, challenge by [info]sharp_tongue)

"I've come to say thank you."

"Have you."

"Look, don't be a prat about this, Snape. This is so large I hardly know where to begin, and if you keep this up--this attitude that bringing Sirius back was no more effort for you than is stirring sugar into your tea--"

"I don't take sugar."

"You insufferable--" Lupin gets himself under control. "This is exactly why Sirius hasn't come yet. He has no idea what to say to you. How can he possibly thank you for this? Dammit, how can I thank you?"

Snape knows. He knows what he would have from Lupin.

What he will settle for, however, would be for Lupin to stop telling him over and over again, how much it means to him. Even if that's precisely why Snape did it.

He will not confess the reason.

He doesn't want Lupin's pity.

Not that.

"Faster and faster / They vanish into darkness / our years together.", Wendy Cope
Snape/Dumbledore (More poetry night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

Harry sits on the edge of his bed in 12 Grimmauld Place and thinks about what he's just seen.

They couldn't have known he was there.

It wasn't even lascivious. It was only the touch of two hands. And the look in two pairs of eyes.

Harry is only sixteen, but he doesn't need experience to tell him that the way Dumbledore bid Snape goodnight means anything but one thing.

He tries to imagine it. Dumbledore--old Dumbledore--and Snape. It should be ludicrous.

But he remembers the look again. Thinks about the Order. And Voldemort. And Sirius.

And how very uncertain the future looks to everyone. Including Dumbledore, and Snape.

Including him.

A sound at the door. "Harry? Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't--"

"N--!" It's coming out too loud. He tries again. "No."

Reaches out a hand. "No, please, Hermione, come in. Will you sit with me?"

"I kept him for his humor's sake,/For he would oft beguile", William Cowper
Voldemort/Snape (More poetry night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

In sleep, this is what he sees:

The hair, which is called limp in its usual vertical orientation, turning to a splay of tendrils that evoke Medusa's serpents. The mouth, held in a pursed sneer of disapproval during the day, relaxing into the humblest of lines, lips separating with a hint of moisture at their corners. Snape's eyelids no longer standing like sentries, but fallen quiet, off-duty for the duration of the night. And the fingers, usually clasped or steepled so deliberately, instead lying open, reaching, every so often, for a corner of the pillow or the edge of the sheet. Or even his lover's shoulder.

Voldemort has many nights where he sleeps little, himself. But he has no lack of entertainment, during that time.

"Because I could not stop for Death,/ He kindly stopped for me;/ The carriage held but just ourselves/ And Immortality.", Dickinson
Lucius/Snape (More poetry night, challenge by [info]sharp_tongue)


No longer cold.

"Severus, get up."

His side didn't hurt anymore. Had someone cast a healing charm?

A hand clasped his, tugged. Snape turned his head to see Lucius Malfoy standing above him, forcing him to rise to his feet, whether he would or no.

When he was standing, Snape began to laugh.

Lucius's mouth twitched. "You find this funny?"

"Yes, and why not? Tell me, something, Lucius: did it hurt?"

"The killing curse? I doubt it was worse than a sword through the ribs."

"We'll never know, will we?" Snape was still laughing. "Can't go through each, and compare."

"No, but who knows what knowledge lies ahead for us? Are you...glad that I waited?"

He stopped laughing. "Yes."

Hands still clasped, the two walked away from the battlefield.

"Without warning/ as a whirlwind/ swoops on an oak/ Love shakes my heart.", Sappho
Harry/Snape (More poetry night, challenge by [info]sharp_tongue)

I said, "Detention, Potter," and the brat
Remained within his seat, and did not scowl
But waited 'til the class had gone, and sat
With eyes as wide as some strange green-eyed owl.
I knew he planned more mischief. Had I known
The sort within his mind, I would have fled.
But I believed myself too wise, too stone,
My heart changed years ago to mere base lead.
So when I stalked my way across the room
And stood before him, daring him to speak,
He only smiled, not fearing any doom,
And stood, and did a thing to turn me weak:
He placed a wicked kiss upon my lips.
My heart's not lead--it must be flesh: it skips.

Let's just get drunk and screw
Snape/Harry (Cliche night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

"Never again," moaned Harry. "Never never never never again."

"Oh, do shut up, Potter," said Snape, not taking the pillow from off his head. "I said the same thing the morning after I woke up with Sybil Trelawney in sixth year, and it didn't help. One simply doesn't swear off the beautiful oblivion of liquor that easily."

Harry didn't move from his position next to the toilet. "Snape. I slept with Snape."

"That's 'My darling Sev," if memory serves me aright."

"Oh, God!" Harry made as if to retch once more, then stopped. "Wait a minute...oh, God...which one...which one of us..."


"Did you have to say it like THAT?"

"That would be both of you, gentlemen," said a third voice.

Snape lifted the pillow from his head as Harry looked out of the bathroom. The blanket at the foot of the bed was pushed back.

"Good morning," twinkled Dumbledore.

Angry After-Quidditch Shower Sex
Young Black/Snape (Cliche night, challenge by [info]sharp_tongue)

"...all the way down his throat," Sirius hissed as his hand stroked furiously along the length of his prick. The wall of the shower was slippery against his back, but warmed by the steam, and Sirius's rhythm became faster still. "And he swallows my come until he thinks he's going to choke--ahh!"

Droplets of white were interrupted by the shower stream, spattering everywhere. Sirius sank to the floor of the shower, panting. "Yeah," he muttered, "that's what I'll do to him next time."

"Right in the middle of the Quidditch pitch?"

Sirius's eyes snapped up to see the towel-clad figure in the oh-fuck-not-deserted-after-all locker room standing in front of him.

"No wonder you're a Chaser," Slytherin's Keeper smirked. "Objects getting put through holes and all. I don't suppose you'd be willing to try that fantasy in here, instead?"

Snape's towel fell to the floor as Sirius reached for him.

A veela finds his mate
Draco/Harry (Cliche night, challenge by [info]sharp_tongue)

Hands over the ears didn't help it. Silencing spells didn't help it.

"What is that NOISE?" Ron wailed, in physical pain now.

"Harry!" begged Colin Creevey, clinging to his sleeve. "You've got to save us, you've got to!"

"Me?" said Harry, not seeming to notice the din. "Why me? I've got one prophecy on me, isn't that enough?"

"You're the only one not bothered by the noise!" Hermione cried. "It's got to be you!"

Harry blinked. "Got to be me what?"

Harry wasn't happy to hear Hermione's explanation. But at last, seeing no alternative, he walked grimly through the corridors of Hogwarts, which were lined with cringing, wailing students and staff, until he stood before the Slytherin dungeons, from whence the source of the noise came.

"Shut it with the fucking mating call, Malfoy, I'm coming in!"

The noises which followed, everyone wanted to hear.

Red Riding Hood
Remus/any Weasley (Fairy Tales night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

Because of the stack of papers he was carrying, Percy had to back into the room.

Which meant he didn't see Lupin sitting at his desk until he turned around.

Trust Percy not to drop the paperwork even under those circumstances.

"What--what are you doing here?"

"Hello, Perce." Lupin smiled, showing even teeth. "Your mother's very sad you didn't come for Christmas dinner."

Percy wanted to run. Why couldn't he run? Lupin's eyes seemed to have him mesmerized.

"So I told her you'd come for Boxing Day." Lupin had risen, was coming around the desk towards him.

Percy backed away. "No--you can't make me!"

The laugh was so soft, so dangerous. "I think I can." One hand caught Percy's wrist. He couldn't break the grip, was being pulled in, so close. "You can throw those on the fire, you know." Lupin winked. "You won't need them any more."

The Little Mermaid
Draco/Voldemort (Fairy Tales night, challenge by [info]sharp_tongue)

Draco was silent when they put the Mark on him. He did not want to shame himself by screaming, or begging.

Draco did every word his master bid, even though each move of his arm was as if it was pricked by a hundred knives.

He did this because he wanted to be worthy of Voldemort.

And then came the day when Potter was given up to his lord, as a sacrifice, as a spoil of war. And Voldemort broke him, remade him, lifted him up.

Placed him at his side.

"He is so very like you, young Malfoy," said Voldemort. "That must be why he pleases me so."

And Draco screamed voicelessly, so that none would hear, and went to seek a blade.

Whether to kill his master's pet, or kill his master, or to sever his own traitorous arm, he did not care.

Harry/Draco (Fairy Tales night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

Once upon a time there was a wizard boy whose parents died, and, because of a series of Remarkable Contrivances, he was taken in by a pureblood family. They treated him no better than a house elf, and he was forced to a life of drudgery from his earliest years.

As the boy grew older, he grew more comely. This was not lost on his foster family, who decided that his household duties should no longer be limited to objects in the household, but also...its members.

His services to Narcissa dressed as a coachman, and his attentions to Lucius while wearing strategically-placed accoutrements made of enchanted glass, and his engagements with Draco while clad in nothing but a thin layer of pumpkin me, none of you care if he ever got to the ball or not, do you now?

Snape/Harry (Fairy Tales night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

A kiss at his throat. "Sev."

"Don't you dare."

At his breastbone. "Sevvie."

"I am warning you, Potter."

"Sevviekins." The kisses continued down his chest, his stomach, each one punctuated by the soft murmuring of further sobriquets. "Severino, Sevamous, Sevalicious Severus..."

"Potter, if you don't--ahh!" The mouth had gone lower.

Now it was quite engaged in its task, but still found time to pause and whisper: "Sevarius." "Sevalina." "Sevviewevvie."


"Snape. Professor Snape, Snake-like Snape..." And, his lover's sensibilities appeased at last, the mouth really went to work without a break, and Snape's cry a short time later was an endearment in itself, even if completely inarticulate.

Long minutes later, as two forms breathed quietly side by side:

"'Russ, then."

"...You are so dead."

Briar Rose
Draco/Ron (Fairy Tales night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

"Look," said Ron, "I'm sorry about your father."

Draco did not look up. The spindle in his fingers glittered like a Snitch, a sharp-ended Snitch that pricked Draco's fingers and made him bleed, red beads on white skin like berries on snow.

"Put that fucking thing down and listen, for fuck's sake! You can't go on like this. You turned from Voldemort because you had to, and it's not your fault your father was killed, and you can't go on not speaking to anyone like this because it's not going to work, Malfoy; you're not going to make yourself from misery die this way, even if you want, you stupid bastard!"

Draco still didn't look up. Ron knew it was crazy, but all he could think of was that he had to do something, something to cut through the impassable hedge of thorns with which Draco had surrounded himself, and he crossed to Draco, took the blond boy's face in his hands and kissed him full on the mouth.

The spindle dropped from Draco's hands.

"This doesn't mean I like you, Malfoy," said Ron, but from the way Draco was clinging to him, he knew it was already too late.

Princess and the Pea
Snape/Lucius (Fairy Tales night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

"I am a true Death Eater."

"Prove it."

Severus sighed aloud. Undoing the buttons at his sleeve, he pulled the fabric up his arm. "It turns black, the same as yours, when I am summoned. Is that not enough for you?"

"Hardly." Lucius twirled his cane in his fingers. "You'll have to do better than that."

Severus raised his wand. "Priori Incantatem!" The Dark Mark rose above their heads in all its green starkness.

Lucius shook his head. "Are you going to keep playing games?"

A scowl. "Oh, very well." He dropped his robes. "Satisfied?"

Lucius's jaw dropped. It took him a moment's effort to close his mouth, then he rose and crossed to embrace the other man.

"My brother-in-purpose." He glanced down. "Are those as uncomfortable as they look?"

Fighting the urge to de-wedgie the "I <3 Voldie"-sloganed emerald thong from his posterior, Severus murmured, "You have no idea."

Tam Lin
Snape/Black (Fairy Tales night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

Only once every seven years, on Walpurgis night, the Veil thins. Strange and sad are the otherworldly fae creatures who emerge from its depths, and stranger and sadder still are the shades of mortals who are tied to them, following in their wake on their lonely paths, before they return beyond the barrier between life and death.

One wizard knows this, and he has been waiting.

"Black! No, you DON'T!"

He seizes the form of the long-haired, wasted figure. Instantly the figure shifts: is a snarling, snapping hound, seeking to bite. Snape holds on.

When the hound at last becomes a man again, Snape is still holding on, and the dawn has made an end of Walpurgis night. Black stares.

"I...I thought that could only work if the rescuer was carrying the child of the lost mortal."

Snape snorts. "I am rather clever with potions, you recall. Hello, again, 'Daddy.'"

Wingardium Leviosa
Harry/Ron (Magic and spells night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

"That's not your Potions homework; what is that?"

Ron clutched at the table, an instant too late, as Harry snatched the parchment away. "GIVE that! It's--it's not done!"

"'I knew it from the start,/When you Wingardium Leviosa'd my heart'?" Harry looked at Ron incredulously. "Love poetry? God, Ron, this is shite. Hermione's never going to fall for this. If you think--"


He was red to his ears. "Oh, fuck," he whispered. "I fucked it up, didn't I?"

Harry let the parchment flutter to the floor. There were more important things to be holding.

Such as Ron's face, so that he'd be sure to be still for the kiss.

Draco/any Weasley (Magic and spells night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"I'll tell my father!"

"I certainly hope so." Charlie smiles brilliantly. "I expect a proper reception when you bring me home to meet the family." Draco's shirt tears in his fists.

"Get--let GO of me!"

Charlie bats his hands away easily. The trousers require more attention to get them off, but give no more resistance than the rest of Draco's clothing has. Charlie starts to whistle, a cheery little tune as he fists his hand in that blond wispy mop of the younger man's, turning him about bodily with just that grip and a little push at his shoulder. Draco is starting to gasp, huge gulping sounds that could be sobs before long.

"Now you're seeing reason," Charlie says soothingly, kicking Draco's legs apart. "You'll like this next part. You're going to see what happens when dragons mate."

"NOOOO!" screams Draco as scales are suddenly pressing against his back.

lubrication spell gone horribly wrong
Hagrid/anyone (Magic and spells night, challenge by [info]villainny)

"Back OFF, you overeager moron, I can't take any more tonight!"

"Erm--that's just it, Perfesser--I bin tryin' to get loose for a whole minute now, and I don't seem to--"

"Oh, shit. Oh, fuck, no. Hagrid, if you fucked this up--"

"Heh, 'fucked this up.' That's a good one, Perfesser Sn--"

"HAGRID! Stop and think! What did--oh, no, it couldn't b--Hagrid, listen very carefully. What spell did you use just before we started?"

"Hm? Oh, 'Incolo,' same 's always--"

"You IDIOT! 'Inroro' is to moisten, 'Incolo' means to dwell! You bloody, stupid--!"

"Now, hang on just a mo', I kin set this right. What we haveta do is just to enlarge the receptacle, so t' speak, so let me jus'--Engorgio!"


"Oops, sorry. Bad aim. Well, it's close quarters in there, so, y'can't blame...Perfesser? Snape?...Ooh, bugger. Heh. 'Bugger.' 'Nother joke."

Imperturbable Charm
Snape/Black (Magic and spells night, challenge by [info]titti)
(A/N: this one's for the Shakespeare fans.)

"B-but I HEARD you!" Sirius said, so taken aback he had no thought of saving face. "You said, 'I want to tangle with him between the sheets."

Snape's eyes widened. "I said, 'I want to STRANGLE him with his own sheets.' And you, you bastard, I heard you say, 'I want him in my bed'!"

Sirius gaped. "You bloody git! I said, 'I want to see him dead'!"

They stared at each other, disbelieving.

Then, as if each had decided the ironies of the universe were too much for them to fight, they fell into each other's arms.

Outside the door, the two conspirators hi-fived each other.

"'...Converting all your sounds of woe...'" said Dumbledore.

"'...Into "Hey, nonny nonny."'" Lupin grinned. "So, which one's Beatrice?"

Snape/Harry (Magic and spells night, challenge by [info]_hannelore)

He knows Harry won't be anywhere but here, on the battlefield. He would not have apparated away, would not have fled. He would not have taken himself anywhere without letting Severus know first. Which means he must be here.

Severus finds him.

His wand is whole, his glasses are miraculously intact.

Only one part of him is broken, it seems.

They find Severus hours later, cradling the boy and whispering the same word over and over: "Reparo...reparo...reparo..."

When they take the corpse to prepare it for burial and lead Severus off to St. Mungo's, he is still repeating the word.

a most disquieting tea
Dumbledore pairing (Titles from other HP fics night, challenge by [info]villainny)

Harry sips the tea carefully--it's very hot--and takes another biscuit. He likes these with the chocolate coating, even though they make his fingers sticky when he handles the hot teacup.

"I--sorry about the cup, Headmaster--"

"It's nothing, my boy," smiles Dumbledore. "I have extra napkins on the table over there."

Harry goes, still munching his sticky biscuit. There are napkins on the table, but there is something else that he sees: a letter, half-folded, the lower half of it visible and revealing a tight cramped script that he knows well; he doesn't even have to see the name at the bottom.

But he does.

What he also sees is the word just before it.

"Your." Not "Yours," but "Your"--no comma.

"Your Severus."

Harry sees the half-line right before the closure: "...until I am in your arms tonight."

The biscuit suddenly tastes ashen in his mouth.

A World Not So Black Nor White
Snape/Harry (Titles from other HP fics night. NO, I didn't pick this one! It was [info]sharp_tongue)

At midnight, blood is not red, but black.

Snape watches the Death Eater revels and wonders how long it will take before he breaks. He's not asking himself how long it will take before Potter dies. No, their pleasure in keeping him alive will go on for many, many hours more; he does not doubt that.

But Snape will break long before that. Will break his resolve, his composure, and his disguise, and leap forward to seize the boy--bleeding black and incapable of even whimpering any longer--and will apparate away with him, to some temporary refuge, and pray the boy is still within the reach of healing magic.

Snape thinks he is fortunate that he stopped valuing forgiveness long ago. For he will get none, for not having acted at the beginning.

He continues to wonder.

And wait.

The Devil Will Drag You Under
Lucius/Voldemort (before or after Harry) (Titles from other HP fics night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

Lucius watches from the staircase as Augustine Malfoy passes, wordlessly.

Lucius Malfoy is seven years old.

He is a Young Man now--his mother tells him so, all the time--and a Young Man would not cry.

Would. Not.

"There, there, child, whatever is the matter?"

Lucius knows this man. Father's most important guest. The one for whom he must always be on his best behavior.

He swipes away the tears a Young Man shouldn't cry. "N-nothing, Mister--Sir." Always Sir to this man. How could he forget?

And yet the man's kind expression makes it pour out of him, tears and words both: "M-my father says I'm too big to be kissed goodnight anymore."

"Did he now?" The man bends, and Lucius is suddenly lifted in that strong grip. A kiss is placed on his forehead.

"Not too big at all, I would say. Remember me, child."

Lucius will.

A Good Buy
Wormtail/anyone (Titles from other HP fics night, challenge by [info]wikdsushi)

Two seconds. Two bloody seconds and he'd be out of this cage. Of course, that would mean displaying that he's an animagus to all. Better to wait until nightfall, when the shop is closed.

"...wanted an owl, Mum!"

"Now, Percy, we can't afford four owls in the family. See if you find a toad or rat you like."

And Peter finds himself lifted from the cage.

Oh, bloody bugger.

Can he make it to the door in time? He scampers up the boy's arm, to his neck. Whoops. Long way down.

"He tickles!" Giggling, the boy plucks him from his shoulder, cuddles him beneath his chin. "Would you like to come home with me, then? Bacon, bread, and cheese, and a warm roof, if you want it."


Peter twitches his whiskers to make the boy giggle again. Which he does, sweetly.

This...has its possibilities.

Quill and Ink
Umbridge/anyone (Titles from other HP fics night, challenge NOT given by [info]wikdsushi, but I wrote it anyway)

That night she keeps Potter past midnight.

It is his seventh consecutive night--the last of his sentence--and the scar tissue is delightfully raw. The wounds stayed open from the first, tonight, and blood stains his sleeve, his robe, the table.

Dolores Umbridge rises, soon after midnight, and comes to stand behind Potter.

Rests a hand on his shoulder, as if she were not his enemy, as if she meant to reassure the boy.

Then slips her hand into his shirt collar, and down, to caress one adolescent nipple.

"Go on with what you're doing, Mr. Potter."

She can smell the indecision on him. Will he resist, incur another week of this?

Can he remain silent for another week? Will she force sound out of him, and win?

The quill moves. He writes.

Only hesitates a little, when her hand moves lower.

An hour later she lets him leave.

Polishing his buttons
Harry/Snape (Filthy euphemisms night, challenge by [info]sharp_tongue)

Harry hears a "tac, tac, tac" noise, and then a skittering underfoot. "Bugger and blast, " says Severus.

"Lose another one?"

"That's the third button this week," Severus mutters. "The problem is that cheap thread the house-elves are using."

"The problem--" says Harry, turning, "--is that you wear clothes with too many buttons."

Severus arches an eyebrow. "None of your cheek. I haven't forgotten what you told me, all those years ago."

Harry, who had started to bend and look for the missing button, straightens and smiles. "I should never have admitted that it was the idea of undoing all those buttons that first got me to think about you that way."

"You always were a deviant brat."

Harry leans in close--and plucks Severus's wand out of his pocket. "Expiscorum."

Something flies to his hand. "Here's your button."

"Screw the button," Severus says, going for Harry's mouth.

Catching the golden snitch
Remus/anyone (Filthy euphemisms night, challenge by copinggoggles)


He could have sworn he'd jumped ten feet out of his chair. "Wormtail! W-what are--why aren't you--"

"At the Quidditch match?" Peter was leaning on the library table directly in front of him. "I might ask the same thing of you. 'A touch of flu,' my arse! You came to here to read because you wanted to!"

Oh, bugger.

"'S all right, you know." Peter was grinning. "If you don't like Quidditch. Not everyone does."

Remus felt two inches high all the same. "Yes they do. I'm a complete freak, Wormtail."

"Well--" Peter seemed to be considering. "All right, so, you are. I like Quidditch." He leaned in closer. "But not so much that I couldn't give up watching the matches, if it means that we could spend time alone together."

Remus stared.

Peter darted in and kissed him on the mouth. "Adorable freak."



Foolish wand waving
Snape/Draco (Filthy euphemisms night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

"Hate Potter," says Draco.

"You're drunk," says Snape, casting Evanesco on Draco's glass. "No more for you tonight. And don't think of asking me for a sobering charm. You can just live with it. And the hangover tomorrow."

"Don't want sobering charm. Do it myself." Snape very wisely plucks the wand from Draco's hand before he can do himself even more harm. Draco seems not to notice at first; when he does, the pout takes its time to creep onto his face. "Ask you f' something else instead."

"What, pray, would that be?"

Snape is taken aback to find himself suddenly possessing a lapful of firewhiskey-breathed student.

"Your kisses," Draco murmurs dreamily. "Mmm."

The young man promptly falls asleep on his shoulder.

And Snape leaves him there, to dream (and to drool), too afraid to wake him, fearing Draco will remember and make the same demand...and fearing he will not.

"Cockles and mussels, alive, alive oh!"
Voldemort/Harry (Filthy euphemisms night, challenge by [info]wikdsushi and [info]venivincere)
A/N: If you don't know the song this challenge came from, "Molly Malone," this will make NO sense.

"The polyjuice wore off when she was killed," said Lucius. "Not Bellatrix, but Molly Weasley."

"Mmmf!" Harry's wail was muffled behind Dolohov's hand.

"Thought to smuggle him past, did she?" Voldemort smiled down at the corpse. "Well, my dear Molly...not cockles and mussels you plied in your wheelbarrow this time, was it?" He turned to cast the smile on Harry. "Just one young would-be savior of a boy. But she forgot the song, I fear: 'And no one could save her.'"

Harry was still fighting the grip of the Death Eater, tears slipping unheeded down his cheeks.

"Well," said Voldemort, still smiling, "If her wares were not the fleshy treasures of the sea...I shall indulge myself in your flesh, instead, boy. So many human fluids are delightfully salty on the tongue; did you know? Sweat. Semen. Blood."

He turned to go and prepare the Sanctum. "Bring him, Dolohov."

Harry whimpered.

"Swish and Flick"
Oliver/anyone (Filthy euphemisms night, challenge by [info]ygrane)

"My Charms grade is going to be shite," said Harry. "But who cares? We're going to win the Quidditch cup, after all."

The slam of the locker door startled Harry into looking directly at his team captain.

"Don't ever let me hear you talking that way again," said Wood. "You think school is all fun and Quidditch? It's meant to be bloody work, Harry. Don't you forget it."

"I'm--" Harry didn't know what to say. "Sorry."

"You think because you're good with a broom, you're automatically good with a wand?"

"No, I--" He fell silent, abashed.

Wood appeared mollified. "A little swish-and-flick practice isn't out of place even here, you know."

Harry remembered that they were alone in the locker room, and Wood seemed awfully close to him. "Are we still talking about the same thing?"

"We are now, " Wood said, and he was smiling a little.

Sliding into home
Harry/Sirius (Sports euphemisms night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

There were two bangs, and the sound of a drawer closing. Then: "HARRY! Where the hell's the stuff?"

Harry rolled his eyes, though Sirius couldn't see, a floor away, and yelled, "It's in the whatchamacallit! Where else would it be?"

He didn't look up when Sirius walked by with the chrome polish in his hand--but then Sirius stopped in front of him.

"How'd you know what I wanted?"

Harry blinked. "You were...talking about how the motorcycle looked like hell. It was just logical." He thought for a moment. "How'd you know where to go get it, from what I said?"

"Because you were telling me it would be in the obvious place."

Harry watched the expression changes chase across Sirius's face.

"Maybe I should tell the estate agent not to sell the place after all."

"What?" Harry said. "But you hate this house."

Sirius smiled. "Not so much anymore."

Neck and neck
Hermione/George (Sports euphemisms night, challenge by [info]prillalar)

A paper bag thunked onto the table. "I brought home take-out. And yes, I remembered to have them put the sauce on the side."

Hermione had her arms folded. "Hello, Fred."

His face started to fall, then he grinned. "One of these days, dear sister-in-law."

The door opened, and an identical red-haired head poked through it. "Not this time either? Aw, Fred! And I even made you wear my aftershave."

"You two will never change. Lettie, go wash your hands, Uncle Fred is here for dinner!"

"We were really meticulous this time, you know," said George.

"Swapped neckties."

"Swapped shoes."

"Even swapped underpants. Just in case."

"Just in case of what?" Hermione said, eyebrows rising as high as her hairline, then scrunching into an annoyed furrow as her husband and brother-in-law collapsed into boyish giggles.

"Sauce on the side!" Lettie shrieked happily as she opened the box of Almond Chicken.

Taking it on the chin
Snape/Lucius (Sports euphemisms night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

"Do your worst," said Snape.

"Oh, it will be my worst," said Lucius. "Certainly my stupidest. That, of course, would be a no-contest winner for 'one's worst.'"

He tucked his wand away, produced an unornamented dagger, and slit the ropes binding Snape's wrists. Snape stared, so surprised he didn't even lower his hands at first.

"Why?" he said when he could find tongue to speak.

"Why?" Lucius echoed. "Dear Severus, because it is you. The Dark Lord owns me, rules me. But you..." He shook his head, staring. "You unmake me. You always have."

He turned away. "Go. The door isn't locked, and I have nothing to fear from Priori Incantatem, since I used a knife. I shall do what I must, to buy you time."

Snape never forgot the smile Lucius shot him over his shoulder, the last time he ever saw Lucius Malfoy.

The Winter's Tale
Snape/Harry (Novel titles night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

"Jesus fuck, Snivelly, you look like shit. Coming out into the anti-apparation zone in winter without a portkey or wand; what were you thinking?"

"Th--" Snape's blue lips could barely form the words. "Thinking...h-had to get back t-to Order...w-would have m-made D-Dark Lord suspicious if..."

"I'll get a warming charm going for you. Then, I've got to go find Harry, got to. He's out here too."

"...w-with me."

"What! Where is he?" Sirius eyed the dark inside of the tiny tent behind Snape. "Let me guess," he scowled. "the two of you had to huddle skin-to-skin for warmth, is that it, you greasy pedophile?"

"N-no." Now the lips twisted into a smile. "I c-cut him open and c-crawled inside him."

Sirius's jaw hung open just that long, before the voice from the tent called, "Sev-Severus, d-don't t-tease him! He's n-never seen that b-bloody movie!"

The Satanic Verses
Neville/Draco (Novel titles night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)
A/N: This one is subtle, guys. Prob'ly too subtle. Go check out the first nine verses of Genesis, ch. 4, for all the nuances.

"How--how do you know all this?" said Neville, sitting up as the sheet slid down his chest.

Draco laughed. "You think my father didn't know?" He slid an arm around the other boy, drew him in for a lazy kiss. "Dumbledore doesn't appreciate you, you know. Even if he knows the truth about the prophecy. He's always favored Potter. Potter leads the Gryffindors around like willing little sheep. What have you got to compete with that? Plants and herbs, that's all you're good at--that's what he thinks," Draco was quick to amend. "But I appreciate you, you know. You going to play for his team? Or ours?"

Neville was silent.

"It's all one big Quidditch game to Dumbledore. With his star Seeker going after all the glory." Draco kissed Neville again. "Play on our team, love, where you can be a star player yourself. Don't be Potter's Keeper."

The Master of all Desires
Sirius/Lucius (Novel titles night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

He would die for this. Die if he couldn't get more of this.

Die of this.

Lucius wields the riding crop against his arse with perfect, loving precision.

The door creaks open, but Sirius is too far gone to care who is entering, who is seeing him like this.

Until he sees Regulus standing there. Shy. Biting his lip. His robes hanging open to reveal his pubescent nudity.

And still Sirius can't move.

His beloved's hand tangles in his hair, his lips come close to kiss, and to whisper: "Don't fear, my heart--he's here at my request. I wanted to see you together. Both so beautiful. You'd like that, to please me, wouldn't you?"

And Sirius can only answer with a moan.

And feels his brother's presence next to him on the bed, hip pressed to hip, as Lucius takes the crop to both of them, side by side.

The Left Hand of Darkness
Severus/Voldemort (Novel titles night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

Severus can't keep from touching the newly-acquired Mark. Voldemort smiles at his fidgeting, and Severus has the absurd image of the man admonishing him to stop, lest it get infected.

"Come here," says Voldemort, and holds out his arms. Severus goes to them. "You know the ritual is not yet completed?"

Severus nods, then whispers, "Yes. They told me."

"And Lucius told me you are still a virgin. How very interesting." Severus thinks he avoided saying amusing. "Is that true, pet?"

Severus nods again, but does not trust his voice to speak this time.

Voldemort touches Severus's chin and tilts his face up. "This will be a most memorable night for you."

It is.

And the Dark Mark is not the hundredth part of it.

Snape was bitten in the Shrieking Shack incident
Snape/Lupin (AU night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

It's the kick to his ribs that brings him 'round. "Get up."

Snape doesn't move. His arm burns like fire. He knows if he looks down at it it will be three times its normal size, and red and pulsing and certainly have to be taken off at the shoulder before the corruption spreads.

"Get up!" He's shaken by brutal hands. "Sweet fucking Christ, get up!"

And then the hands leave him, and the voice dissolves into sobs. Great, horrible sobs that finally cause Snape to move.

Lupin crouches near him, his arms covering his head as he weeps. "...kill you and hide the body," he gasps. "I want to, oh, Christ, how I want to."

Snape does see his own arm at last: not swollen, not diseased. The bite is already healing.

"I'm not going to tell," says Snape.

Lupin looks at him.

"Teach me how a werewolf survives."

Sirius was the traitor and not Peter
Sirius/Remus (AU night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

"Hello, Moony."

Remus freezes.

He should be reaching into his robes for his wand, preparing to spin about, to face and to disable the traitor.

That's right, Remus thinks, call him traitor. Call him escapee, fugitive. But do not think of him as anything else.

And yet, the words on his lips as he turns, slowly--wand still inside the breastpocket of his robes--are, "Hello, Padfoot."

The worst sight he has ever seen is Sirius's wild eyes.

They smile as Sirius's mouth smiles. "Wanted one thing. One thing only for the last twelve years. You wouldn't come. So I had to come to you." He steps closer. "All I could think about, when I read about your appointment: you would be at Hogwarts. And I could find you here." Another step. "Want my goodbye kiss from you. Not a Dementor."

"Mine...won't kill."

"Oh, Moony," Sirius breathes. "Yes, it will."

Harry was sorted into Slytherin
Snape/Harry (AU night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

Snape's applause is genuine. Well, well.

As the skinny First-Year in glasses makes his way to the Slytherin table, looking at the space which Draco Malfoy clears for him with dubious trust, as though the spot might have been hexed, Snape is already years ahead in the future.

Praise for the boy's smallest achievement. Offers to tutor him privately. The precise balance of truth and lies...

"Your father and I were great friends, you know. He would be ever so proud of your accomplishments."

"...always been particularly fond of you, Potter--may I call you Harry? You'll forgive your Head of House that familiarity, won't you?"

"...must be careful...these intimacies would be frowned upon if any knew--oh, let me kiss you again..."

Snape fancies he can feel James's Potter's spinning in his grave even at this distance.

Snape smiles. He wishes he could do something nice for that Hat.

absence makes the heart grow fonder
Draco/Ron (Proverbs night. Challenge by [info]goseaward)

"Where the fuck have you been?" said Ron. "Get naked."

"And once again," Draco sighed, folding his arms, "I am wooed with romance."

"Romance?" Ron was already on his knees in front of him and had the trouser placket half-open. "You lying sack of shite. The one time, the one time I sent you a birthday card with a sentimental message, you faked puking for an hour and kept repeating 'Heart's delight?' for three bloody days." He gave the already-purpling head of Draco's erection a slow lick, the groan it prompted an even stronger stimulus to his own interested cock than even the smell and flavor of Draco's musky crotch. "Fucker pretends he wants romance. My arse." He adjusted his position for his knees' comfort, and began sucking in earnest.

"I expect flowers next time," Draco bleated as his hands searched for something to grip, finally settling on Ron's hair.

neither a borrower nor a lender be
Lucius/Fudge (Proverbs night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

"Two hundred thousand galleons," Lucius Malfoy said with impeccable enunciation, even as he plunged to the hilt in the Minister of Magic's arse.

"Two huhhhnn--" Fudge was not so articulate.

"I trust that will insure the tax increase on electrical Muggle items goes through?" He had paused in mid-thrust for that statement, and now brought the riding crop to his hand with a soft accio.

Fudge huffed and uhrumed some more, and then said, "It's--it's a most generous loan, Lucius..."

"Nonsense." Lucius flicked the crop against the Minister's pudgy flanks, left-right, left-right. "Not a loan, but a gift. My very great pleasure to give it."

Fudge's passionate breathing hitched with a not-unexpected urk of panic. "But--if, under Veritaserum, I'm asked if I--"

"Oh, really, Cornelius, such a silly precaution. Now, say thank you for my gift, or I'll have to stop."


"Much better."

look before you leap
Remus/anyone (Proverbs night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

"I love you," hears Remus, and he's standing in the Department of Mysteries, in front of the veil.

"I love you," hears Remus, and it's oh so soft, as if spoken across great distances, and yet filled with conviction.

"I love you," hears Remus, and knows that the voice speaks of history and heartache and home, and nights where he will never have to be alone again.

"I love you," hears Remus, and realizes that it's coming from behind him.

Remus turns from the veil. There Harry stands, arms folded tightly as if he can't get warm.

Remus opens his arms to draw him in.

One kind word can warm three winter months
Snape/Harry (Proverbs night, challenge given by [info]_hannelore)

Bodies in rhythm, bodies locked as if fighting to the death. Then, as if both combatants changed their minds on a whim, bodies separate to pant and shudder and let the aftershocks drain into the ether.

Then, before his sweat can even trickle from his armpits to join the other stains on the white sheets, Harry rises from the bed, and begins to dress: first socks, so that he may stand on the chill stone floor without such discomfort, next shirt, and only then his pants, camouflaging the last of his wilting erection.

Such a well-rehearsed ritual, this.

That night, Snape interrupts it.


The nights are warm, that winter.

Snape/Black (Games night, challenge given by Blue)

"Oh, do come down from there, Black," said Snape.

There was a thud as the individual--Black, of course--lost his grip and came down. On his feet, so, Snape saw no reason for the yowl of pain. "How'd you know it was me?"

Snape didn't even turn. "Really, Black."

"Miss me?"

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't scream for the authorities right now."

"Oh, it's going to be like that, is it?" Sirius came forward, grinning. "All right. Snap on the restraints. Have your wicked way with me."

"This is Hogwarts, and you are a fugitive. If anyone saw you enter, they'll wonder immediately why I'm not raising the alarm. Can you find some way of not placing us all at risk next time, you selfish bastard?"

"I like my idea better."

Snape rolled his eyes.


The set of wristcuffs in the closet had been neglected, recently.

Trivial Pursuit
Weasley Twin(s)/anyone (Games night, challenge given by [info]dragon_light)

"Put that down," murmurs Voldemort, and though he has not named either one of them, both of the twins set down their respective unlit firework and glass flute immediately.

Nor do they wait, but approach their master as soon as the items have been discarded.

"Yes, my lord."

"How may we serve, my lord?"

Voldemort reaches out a hand, pets the fire-bright hair of each. "I would prefer a different entertainment just now. Go to the bedroom and disrobe. I shall be there shortly."

"Yes, my lord," comes dual-voiced, their eyes not remotely dull nor broken. No, they are animated, respectful. Voldemort's minions did an especially fine job with these two.

Court jesters and court concubines in one. Has any emperor ever been so fortunate?

Apples To Apples
Snape/Hagrid (Games night, challenge given by [info]goseaward)

"I c'n fix that leak in the ceiling," says Hagrid.

"Merlin, drink this before you give me that cold," says Snape.

"Yer so tense. Let me see what I c'n do with those shoulders," says Hagrid.

"I'll be out well past midnight tomorrow. Don't sit up worrying," says Snape.

"Didn't think you had time to cook. Stew's in the cauldron on the hearth," says Hagrid.

"I thought your umbrella looked a bit shabby around the edges. Bought you a yellow one," says Snape.

"Yer mother firecalled. I gave her yer love," says Hagrid.

"Your hut's a fright. Don't you ever clean? Oh, never mind, I'll do it," says Snape.

"Good night," says Hagrid.

"Good night," says Snape.

And there are good-night kisses.

They can translate.

Ron/Harry (Games night, challenge given by [info]rosesanguina)

"What can I get you?" A wrinkled, but beloved, hand pushes the wisps of grey hair away from Ron's forehead. "Tea? Broth?"

"I'm fine."

Harry's face breaks into a smile. "How about a Chocolate Frog?"

Ron's happy to see Harry smile at his own joke. "You know--" he does his best to sit up on his arthritic elbows; Harry's hand goes automatically to pull up the pillow behind his head--"Mum never believed me when I told her I could feel those jumping in my stomach for hours, after. Said it was my imagination."

"Well, she was wrong." Harry cleans his spectacles, replaces them. Ron knows he's blinking to hide tears, though.

Ron's own vision is blurring. "You know, maybe I will have tea."

He doesn't want Harry at the bedside, when it happens. Perhaps, on one of Harry's trips to the kitchen, fate will be kind to him.

Blind Man's Bluff
Harry/Sirius (Games night, challenge given by [info]cluegirl)

"No. Go back to your own room. To your own bed."

Harry doesn't budge. "I know you like guys."

"That has absolutely nothing to do with it. Go."

"I know you like me."

"Yes, I like you, but not in that way. Get--Christ, Harry, are you naked?"

"Yes. So are you. And you're lying."

"The hell."

"Remus told me."

Sirius is silent for a moment. A crucial moment. Then: "Remus has a big mouth, you know that?"

Harry gets closer, and right then Sirius can't bring himself to push his godson--his naked godson--away. "So do you."

Tricksy little brat. Sirius doesn't even have time to protest the trap before Harry's silencing him further with his own, hot, sweet, anything but big, mouth.

Marcus/Oliver (Games night, challenge given by [info]prillalar)

Flint is on his knees in front of Oliver, who can't form words right now. His fingers are gripping Flint's shoulders, and Flint's mouth is doing criminally wonderful things to his cock, while his fingers perform similar illegalities to his balls and the crack of his arse. Oliver would like to say, "Stop," or "Yes," or "More," something, but that just isn't possible right now.

It's not possible until after he comes.

Flint is sitting back, licking his lips obscenely and grinning, when Oliver finally says, "Fuck." He swallows against a dry throat. "You don't waste time sweet-talking, do you?"

"Fuck sweet talk. Sweet talk to get to sex is like starting in Europe when you're playing Risk."

Oliver blinks. "Pardon?"

"Start in Australia and conquer, my friend. And that--" he tweaks Oliver's sated prick-- "that's Australia, that is."

Oliver thinks Flint's mixed his metaphors, but he doesn't care.

a novel intepretation
Snape/Lupin (Misc night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

"There's a problem."

Remus waited.

"I forgot the elecampane."

Remus arched an eyebrow. "Really."

"And I don't think there's enough time to brew it over."

Remus waited again.

"And the Shrieking Shack is undergoing repairs."

"How inconvenient."

"So I thought you could stay here tonight."

Remus glanced around Snape's bedroom, then back at Snape, content to let him continue.

"And for safety, I thought you could...wear these."

Remus looked at the set of shackles.

"Before or after the French Maid's costume, Severus?"

Snape blushed.

"Honestly. If you want to shag me when I'm in my werewolf form, just say so, all right?"

He could see Snape take a deep breath. "I...wanttoshagyouinyourwerewolfform."

"Well." Remus smiled. "Now we're getting somewhere. Mmm, shackles."

new scars
Remus/Neville (Misc night, challenge by [info]goseaward)
(A/N: I've decided that all Neville challenges will be met by me working with Top!Neville to start with, because that seems to be the only way I can get interested in him, see.)

"Let me see it. Oh, Merlin, yes. You look so fucking hot."

Remus wonders why his partner's close scrutiny of his perineum should make him blush, after all this time. "I can't believe I let you talk me into it."

"I was right and you knew it." Neville touches the piercing at the base of Remus's scrotum with a tender finger, though his leer is anything but. "You look so sexy you make me want to collar and leash you and keep you in our bedroom, so no one can steal you away from me."

The little gold ring catches the light as Neville turns it, and Remus feels his balls tightening, his cock hardening in response.

"Want to play 'Frighten the Boggart' again, Professor?" says Neville, tugging.

Remus would tell him that it's killing him slowly, trying to keep up with Neville, but he can't speak at the moment.

"The water is wide, I can't cross o'er / and neither have I wings to fly"
Lucius/Harry (Song titles night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

Thirty paces by twenty paces.

Those are the measurements of the length and breadth of the island upon which Lucius Malfoy now resides. At its widest points.

They gave him an island in a tropical climate, and furnished it with a four-walled dwelling, for which he is glad. Not grateful. One is not grateful for exile, even when it is the alternate sentence to death, when one's exile is an island thirty paces by twenty paces.

Even in isolation, he does not forget how to manipulate other human beings. So when one of his enemies begins unauthorized apparations to his island, unable to resist a face-to-face taunt, Lucius brings all his charm to bear, and before long, those visits have a completely different purpose.

Each kiss, each caress, each moan from Potter's mouth is worth another ten paces of earth to him. In both dimensions.

"you're just like a pill 'stead of makin' me better you're makin' me ill"
Ron/Draco (Song titles night, challenge by [info]dragon_light)

"You're sure you don't want to sleep in the other bedroom?" Ron said, coughing.

"Don't be an arse." Draco kissed him. "I want to be here with you. Besides, I almost never get sick."

"Yeah, I've noticed that." Another cough. "But I might keep you up all night."

"No." Draco licked his lower lip in a style that would make a dead man come. "I'll be keeping YOU up all night."

Despite himself, Ron grinned. Then sobered. "This has been really hard to shake. I don't seem to be getting better."

"I'm taking you to the healer tomorrow, then. Should have done it last week, but you refused to go! No more refusing."

"I--oh, all right. You worry too much.

Draco wasn't worried at all. The healer wouldn't find anything.

White hellebore was almost entirely untraceable.

And Draco had built up the tolerance so carefully.

He kissed Ron again.

"Reach out your hand if your cup be empty / If your cup be full may it be again."
Snape/Lupin (Song titles night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

"I shall make you a deal," says Snape.

Lupin blinks. "A bet?"

"A deal. You answer me one question truthfully, and I will make the Wolfsbane for you while you are at Hogwarts."

"Dumbledore said--"

"Fuck that meddling old man. He has taken both of us in, so we are on even ground. You answer my question truthfully, or I don't make the potion."

"Veritaserum?" Lupin says quietly.

"Unnecessary. Just look me in the eye when you answer, wolf: What would you have done, had you bitten me on that night? Killed me and hidden the body? Killed yourself? Would you have done anything that would have allowed your dear Black to suffer his deserved consequences?"

Lupin stares helplessly.

Then he answers, but not with words.

Snape is the first to break the kiss, spitting.

The wolfsbane arrives on schedule the first month, popping and steaming in its goblet.

"Some wild idea in a big white bed, Now you know better than that, I said"
Snape/Harry (Song titles night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

He could purchase black sheets. Or crimson.

But what would be the point of that? Snape wants evidence that Potter was there.

Evidence that Potter comes to him at night, shivering, looking for understanding that does not diguise itself as sympathy.

For enlightenment that does not disguise itself as security.

A moment's release that does not disguise itself as comfort.

The bloodstains are there every night, no matter how much lubricant, how much preparation they use.

And in the bright white light of day, they are sometimes the only evidence of their encounters that Snape thinks he has.

For memory is false. As false as sympathy and security and comfort.

"Finish him with simple laissez-faire"
Snape/Draco (Song titles night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

"Another one of 'em! Over here!"

Snape watches the men coalesce about another fallen form.

"Only a boy, he is!"

"Boy my arse. He's got the mark, all right."

The speaker has dragged the victim's arm up so that all can see. Snape can just see the boy's face as it lolls to one side. The mouth parts slightly, and moans.

"Kill 'im here. Filthy Death Eater."

"No reason to bring him in, is there?"

Snape knows that if Draco wakes, and sees him, there is every likelihood the boy will betray him. The glamour that disguises Snape's own arm will not survive close inspection.

Better to stay silent.

Blemishes of grey are emerging behind slitted eyelids as the men raise their wands.

"Stop." Snape recognizes his own voice. The men look up.

"The boy is a spy for the Order of the Phoenix. As am I."

Fool, fool, fool.

Spare the rod and spoil the child
Remus, Harry (Voyeurism night, challenge by [info]gmth)

Remus couldn't think why he hadn't knocked.

Later he decided that it was because he'd imagined Snape had been expecting him to come for the Wolfsbane.

And the door hadn't been locked, anyway. Why on earth would Snape not be careful to lock the door if he--if his form of detention--

Whippings had been outlawed at Hogwarts years ago.

Obviously, Snape was expecting Harry not to be aware of that.

Neither of them looked up. Neither had heard him.

And Remus watched as the riding crop rose and fell, rose and fell over Harry's bared arse, hearing him sob, and plead, and moan, for far longer than he should have, before he closed the door silently and fled back to his chambers, where he wanked his aching prick to orgasm in about fifteen seconds flat.

He was going into Hogsmeade on the weekend. And buying a riding crop. Definitely.

the magic eye sees all
Moody, Snape (Voyeurism night, challenge by [info]tartanshell)
Discarded Plot Device #27 For Goblet of Fire, (Not) From The Notebooks of Jo Rowling

"Got it!" said Hermione triumphantly, shedding the invisibility cloak and holding up the blue-irised prize. "Now we can find out what Malfoy's up to!"

Ron was still blinking at her. "You just came out of Snape's office."

She blinked back. "Yes."

"You said we had to wait to get the eye because there was only one time that Moody took it off," said Harry.

"I did? Um, yes. Of course I did."

"So what the hell does it have to do with Snape's office? We thought you meant the bath, or someth--"

Ron didn't get to finish. From the office behind them, Moody's voice boomed, "Severus, you bloody wanker! You forgot the condoms AGAIN? What do I keep telling you? CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"

"And you found out about this HOW?" Harry hissed as they ran.

Care of Magical Motorbikes
Harry, Sirius (Voyeurism night, challenge by [info]maeglinyedi)

Harry had come to him, at the beginning of the school year. You've still got his bike, don't you, he'd said.

Hagrid had said yes, it was in the shed.

One night, going to the shed, Hagrid catches him. Well, not catches exactly; Harry doesn't see him, so he doesn't know he's caught. Through the gaps in the slats, Hagrid sees Harry on the bike's seat, bent over the bars, fringe hanging in his eyes in a picture of perfect misery. Harry's silent, but Hagrid's sure he's crying.

He sees Harry slide his hand into the waistband of his trousers, starting to stroke himself, and Hagrid almost pulls away, but then Harry stops, removing his hand and wrapping it about one handlebar, gripping it in a way that he's not gripping his adolescent prick.

Hagrid cares for so many creatures, and he has no idea how to help this one.

Plaintive, Luminary, Susurrus
Remus/Sirius (Three words night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

The nights are hell.

Remus knows what hell is now: Hell is not Sartre's other people; it is not even the absence of people. Hell is not brimstone or flame or nice geometrical divisions of sins and punishments.

Hell is dusk, when the candles in the parlor are poor luminaries to replace the comfort sunlight brings during the day. Hell is evening, when every susurrus of the old house is the voice of a ghost pleading to be heard, and gone the next moment. Hell is night, when there are no barriers between oneself and one's thoughts, and might-have-beens and should-have-dones and never-will-be-agains.

"I didn't get to tell him good-bye," Remus says plaintively to the quiet air.

There is no one to hear, and no one to witness him weeping.

Ornamental, taste, windowpane
Harry/Ron (Three words night, challenge by Isolde)

"Ginny had fun," said Ron.

"I think so." Harry was uncharacteristically hanging his robes up instead of tossing them on the floor, but then, these were formal and rented. "At least a dozen older witches told me how good we looked together."

Ron's reply came around a mouthful of toothpaste, but Harry understood it anyway: "You jus' go' a thing for re'heads."

"You're sure she didn't mind?" Harry asked for the thousandth time. " know...window-dressing?"

"Don' be--" *spit*--"daft. She's happy to do us favors. And she likes dressing up."

"I suppose..."

"Besides," added Ron. "she's still my little sister. I can put a toad in her bed if she refuses. D'you want to open that window; it's stuffy in here."

Nighttime rituals nearly completed, the two climbed into bed.

And, too tired for anything more that night, shared the last one:

"'Night, Harry." Kiss.

"'Night, you sexy redhead."

forgiveness, accident, delicate
Draco/Ron (Three words night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

"I've come to beg your forgiveness," said Draco.

"Why?" said Ron.

"Because it was an accident."

"No, I mean, why should I forgive you?"

Draco thought. "Because it was an accident," he repeated, stressing the first word just a bit differently.


"And I have very delicate feelings. So you should forgive me before I go and throw myself off the astronomy tower."

"Draco--" Ron shifted in the infirmary bed. "--it is very hard to cast a furnunculus charm onto someone's bum by accident."

"I know. Very, very hard. I had to practice for weeks before I could manage it accidentally. Am I forgiven yet?"

"Jesus. You know--"

"Right. Astronomy Tower. Tell my father I never loved him." He turned to go.

Ron caught Draco's sleeve. "Git. Give me a kiss. And don't mess up my pillows. It still hurts to sit."

Limpid, Apotheosis, Surcease
Snape/Harry (Three words night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

And so it has come to this.

Two days ago, Potter reached a hand out for his, and used what was surely his last conscious act to curl his fingers about Snape's.

Snape has not moved his hand in those two days. None have tried to make him do so.

He sees the remainder of his own days stretching out before him: untroubled, limpid. No one to disturb their neat order. No one to make a beloved nuisance of himself within that calendar.

No boy less than half his age climbing in and out of his bed, his rooms, his life.

Such a hideous apotheosis is not to be borne.

He watches Potter's chest rise and fall in breaths that come with ever more space between them.

Snape waits, not for death, it seems, but mere...surcease.

For both of them.

Must you betray me with a kiss?
Harry, Lucius (Slavefic night, challenge by [info]gmth)

The last element of the ritual remains. It is not the hardest one for Harry to complete, but it is hard, so hard, all the same.

There might have been some saving grace if the ritual was not truly completed until consummation, privately. But that is not the ritual's end; that is the celebration after.

Celebration for one interested party, that is. Harry is nearly stuporous with dreading it.

Lucius waits, and he knows what for. For his consent. And Lucius Malfoy will not take a mere lack of resistance as consent, Harry knows.

A small eternity passes, and Harry lifts his chin. His mouth.

It is enough for Lucius Malfoy. His mouth descends against Harry's, and the kiss is the gentlest of caresses.

It is enough for the ritual.

Harry closes his eyes and thinks only of the lives he has saved, as the officiant declares Harry's new status.

It's the end of the world as we know it
Snape/Harry (Slavefic night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"You can get up."

The kneeling, naked figure does not look up. Didn't look up when the door was thrown open.

"It's over. You're free to go."

Still Potter does not move.

Snape glowers. No, it could hardly be that simple. Not after months upon months in service to Voldemort.

Hating this duty, he crouches down before Potter. The boy's long hair hangs down into his eyes, hiding them. "Potter. Voldemort's dead. You're no longer a slave."

Not a movement.


Snape is so far from being the right person for this, and he knows it. How long will it take for Potter to make the transition?

Probably months.

"I'm going to apparate you to my home. Wait for me there."

This, Potter nods to. A command, of course.

Later, when Dumbledore and the bloody werewolf arrive: "No, I haven't found him yet."

Snape's not one to ignore an opportunity.

Like father, like son
James/Voldemort (Slavefic night, challenge by [info]gmth and [info]nimori)


Voldemort turns to his still-young, still-beautiful black-haired slave.

"Why, I have not heard you beg for many a year, loveling." His fingers are affectionate under James's chin. "This must be of great importance to you."

James ducks his head, glitter-lashed eyelids descending in his contrition. He does not repeat the plea. Knows better.

"What will you give me, pet, if I do not make a gift of your whelp to my Death Eaters? They deserve reward, you know. Expect it."

James shakes his head infintesimally. "My lord, I've...nothing left."

"Ah, you remember that. Very good. You've nothing left because I owned you from the moment you bargained yourself for your brat's life. But I...might be merciful."

The fingers move to his cheek.

"I shall not make him my Death Eaters' slave." Voldemort's smile deepens. "I shall make him yours, instead. And you will use him quite, quite thoroughly, beloved."

Don't ask, don't tell
Harry/Sirius (Slavefic night, challenge by [info]gmth)

"Handsome animal you have there, son. May I pet him?"

"Yes, he likes that. Stay, Padfoot." The boy's fingers tighten on the leash, just below the collar.

Later, in the privacy of their rooms, the dog transforms, and Sirius rubs his neck, mouth set. "I want this thing off. Dammit, Harry."

Harry doesn't look up. "Stop asking me, Sirius. You know it's not wise."

"Fu--to hell with wise." The self-censor comes quickly; Harry doesn't like language. "Just for a few hours."

Harry patiently repeats the familiar litany. "The collar prevents you from being tracked, whether you're in your animagus form or not. It's for our own good."

Sirius glares.

"Besides, you know I'd never abuse its other properties. Why don't you go into the bedroom? And take off your clothes and wait for me? That'll distract us."

Sirius goes, before Harry can phrase it as other than a request.

No deposit, no return
Harry, Draco (Rentboys night, challenge by [info]gmth)

In the light from the window, Draco strips off the tiny t-shirt, revealing pale skin, and the occasional bruise and suck mark, and one nipple piercing.

Harry's throat is dry.

But Malfoy's expression isn't right.

Malfoy should be looking at him with hate, resentment. Doesn't Harry have the power, now? Haven't fifty galleons downstairs guaranteed that?

Instead, the little fucker is grinning.

"How's Granger, Potter?"

Blood surges in his ears. "Shut up."

"How about the Weasel?"

"Shut the fuck up!"

Why, why are his words deflating Harry's erection? Why is his gut curdling, why aren't Draco's taunts about what he's lost making him even harder, more desperate to slam eager hot flesh into that pretty-boy arse and make him whimper, beg for mercy, for forgiveness...

...for more?

Draco doesn't even have his trousers off when Harry turns to the door."Keep the fucking money."

That goddamn smirk. "Believe me, I will."

The way you look tonight
Neville, anyone (Rentboys night, challenge by TenTen)

"The one over there." He should never, never have agreed to do this. He's no good at this. His voice is about to break; if he takes his hands from his pockets they'll see them shaking. He's going to fuck it all up.

"That one? A bit old for you, I'd think."

"No, I...I like them--"

"Ah, bit of a father fixation, have we. Well, you're the customer. Fourth room on the second floor."

Neville's hands are really shaking now, but he gets his choice upstairs to the designated room, and manages to get the vial out of his pocket without dropping it.

"Drink this."

Because he's been charmed to obey, his dead-eyed choice does.

Somehow, when the spells fall from Remus Lupin's eyes and memory and will, and dawning shock replaces them, Neville finds his voice and hands are steady.

"Professor Lupin? I've come to rescue you, sir."

You can leave your hat on
Harry/Dudley (Rentboys night, challenge by [info]nimori)

"It is NOT gay."

"Dudley--" Harry said, releasing his mouthful for just that long--"there's dick involved. What we are doing definitely meets the definition of gay." He took his stocky cousin's pulsing penis back into his mouth.

"It's NOT. We're just experimenting. I read all about it. It's not gay if you're in prison."

"Er OTT." This was "we're not" said around cock, but Dudley seemed to have no problem interpreting.

"And not if it's for drugs."

Harry gave up. "Me not telling Aunt Petunia that you're palming your Ritalin does not count. There are no drugs involved."

"And it doesn't count if it's for pay."

"Where did you hear THAT one? That makes no bloody sense at all."

"So I'm giving you one-tenth of my pocket money for this week."

"Fine. Whatever. Can we finish experimenting, o straight boy of all the universe?"

"Hell, yes. Keep sucking."

temper temper
Ron/? (Surprise endings night, challenge by [info]cursive)

"Ron, she's seventeen. She's allowed--"

"Shut up, Harry, just shut up."

It's the low, even tones that scare Harry. Ron's angry--oh, is he angry. But he shouldn't be so...composed.

He'd thought Ron would be happy he and Ginny found each other after all those messy juvenile crushes. His sister and his best friend; why shouldn't that be all right?

And he thinks.

Ron's irritation with every girl Harry'd dated.

Ron's easy affection with him and no other.

Did he miss it all this time?

"Ron--is there...something I should know?"

It's his calmness that makes Harry miss what's coming. The fist to his middle.

Harry's on the floor, trying not to vomit, and realizes he was half-right.

You don't have that reaction unless you're in love with one of the couple yourself.

And Ron wouldn't punch him if he was in love with him.

Which leaves...

Oh, god.

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure
Lucius/? (Surprise endings night, challenge by [info]_hannelore)
(A/N: This one is 156 words. Here's what happened. I wrote it, and it was 250 words. Two hundred fifty. Yup, the idea had run away with me. So I cut and cut and cut to try to get it down to 150. I got to 156. Bah. Now, I could have obeyed the letter of the law, and given you the 250 word "oh, look, it's...TWO drabbles! Yeah, that's it," version, but I think a) the 156 word version is closer to the spirit of drabbling--see in how few words you can tell that story--and b) I think it's a better story in this spare version.)



Severus cursed. "Think, man! Swearing fealty to the new order spares you Azkaban. Voldemort is gone. Your pride is not worth this!"

"Not? How little you know me."

Lucius could not have chosen any words more painful. "I cannot bear to imagine you imprisoned for life."

"And you shall not have to." Lucius turned, gestured.

Severus's composure was hard to shake, as a rule. But the sensation of cold/sickness/misery/fear that swept through him as the Dementor glided forward was enough to drive him back against the wall, hands clutching at the stones.

And then Lucius stepped between him and the ghastly thing.

He spared Severus one smile over his shoulder--brilliant even at this moment, and Severus's heart pushed against his ribcage with the beauty of it.

And Lucius turned back to the Dementor, opened his arms wide, and said, "Come to me, dear creature. Death is..."

The rest was lost in the kiss.

What color is the sky in your world?
Sirius, James (Under the Influence night, challenge by [info]gmth)

"Prongs, look at the sky."

"...Wha' 'bout it?"

"It's so...pretty."

"You are shooooo drunk."

"So are you. Kiss me. Right here, under the stars."

"Bloody shtupid romantic."

James rolled to his belly, which was close enough to Sirius to catch him underneath, and began to kiss him with enthusiasm, despite his lack of skill, diminished by a quantity of at least two dozen butterbeers--both young men had lost count.

A shadow fell across them.

"Inebriated again, Mr. Potter, Mr. Black. Twenty-five points from Gryffindor. Each." Professor McGonagall ran an exasperated hand through her unbound hair. "Next time, will you have the smallest modicum of tact and do this outside on the grounds, instead of on the floor of the Great Hall? I am so very tired of losing the house cup to Slytherin yearly."

What you see is what you get
Remus/Bill (Under the Influence night, challenge by [info]nimori)


No response. Remus swallows, tries again. Louder. "Bill."

"Mn. Whu'...What time 'zit?"

Time to hope this room has a private floo, thinks Remus, but doesn't say it. Just because he was too drunk to remember last night doesn't mean Bill wasn't.

"About eleven."

"Eleven? No! Bugger." Bill hitches up on his elbows, but makes no other move to get up. "Have you been awake long?"


"Well. I don't suppose you'll forgive a man for leaping out of bed so quickly, but there's a matter of a piss that needs to be taken. You won't mind if I come right back here and we pick up where we left off, do you?" Bill's smile is as winning as ever. "I'm so late for work, I might as well call in sick."

Remus watches as Bill rises, crosses the room. Oh, my.


Well. Might as well remember it, after all.

the morning after the night before
Snape/Harry (Under the Influence night, challenge by [info]snitchnip_chill)

Take this, Snape said, and it will enhance the pleasure.

And Harry had taken it, all trust.

It certainly had made him feel different in his own skin, but he wasn't sure it had enhanced anything. Though Snape certainly seemed enthusiastic, tonight.

Well. Harry would have to ask him what it was later.

Snape was asleep like the dead, as he always was within minutes after orgasm. Harry was having a harder time doing so; it seemed to be the aftertaste of the potion. He got up to go brush his teeth again.

He almost didn't notice what the mirror had to show him.

Black hair. Glasses.

Hazel eyes.

"Oh, you sick FUCK," Harry whispered.

Remus/Sirius (Passover night, challenge by [info]dragon_light)

One year since the Department of Mysteries.

Remus cannot be bothered to set a meal on the table. He reclines upon the couch and gets down enough food to keep up his strength, but there is no savor to what he eats. Everything is flat, and bitter, and flavored with the overspill of tears.

Why should this night be different from all other nights?

He drinks too much wine, also as usual. Later, he thinks he hears a sound at the door but finds no one there when he opens it.

When he returns, Remus decides to pretend that the level in his glass has gone down just a bit.

Why do you seek the living among the dead?
Harry/Snape (Passover night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)
(A/N: Okay, I admit it; this one was a stretch to make fit the challenge sentence, but I saw "Harry/Snape" and thought "Passover" and I completely could not stop this idea. You'll either get it or you'll say, "whaaa?")

"Why on earth did you drink it?"

"Because I thought it was WATER!" Harry was still gagging. "Who--hccck!--the hell keeps a cup of blood on his--hccck!--nightstand?"

"I warned you when you suggested we move in together that I often left my projects lying about, and you said it didn't matter, foolish boy."

"What the fuck was I thinking. AND you never wash your hair, it's no wonder you gave me lice..."

"We live in a school." Severus's voice was so patient Harry wanted to shriek. "Lice are a common hazard. It has nothing to do with hair washing."

"Screw you. I'll be in the bathroom." Harry weaved his way past three more of Snape's projects--the skeleton of some unidentifiable creature, a pile of grasshopper legs, and a bowl of live anthrax--plus a text on furnunculus hexes, as he went. And just to add insult to injury, he almost tripped over Trevor, right in front of the bathroom door, on one of his run-from-Neville excursions again.

The bathroom was pitch-dark. "Lumos." Nothing happened.

What the hell was that noise on the roof? Hail? In summer?

Harry suddenly froze.

No. No way...

The splotchy red writing over the door last night that Harry had thought some prankster's graffiti...had been in Snape's handwriting.

And Harry had wiped it off before he'd come in last night.

Oh, fuck.

Severus hadn't had any older siblings either, was Harry's very last thought.

Big things come in small packages
Snape/Lucius (Misc night, challenge by [info]gmth)
(A/N: I'm really sorry for this one--the punchline is apparently understood in my own head and not in many others. But it was 15 minutes and 145 words, and, hey, they can't all be gems. Apologies for its incomprehensibility.)

"I shall tear you limb from limb, and each limb will take a week to separate from your torso, Severus. Where. Is. My. Son?"

Snape rose from the bed, lost in something like wonder at the thought that no act of copulation had ever, ever been so satisfying.

He would have to be careful not to grow addicted to the circumstances.

He stretched, not caring how affected it looked. "Now, now, Lucius. You kept your part of the bargain, I'll keep mine." Taking his discarded robes from the floor, he searched until he found the pocket. "Ah." The matchbox lay on the flat of his hand as he extended it to Lucius with a smile.

"You utter shit. You had him with you all the time."

"But of course. It seemed prudent."

"I assume engorgio will unshrink him, you bastard?"

Snape's smile grew wider. "Unshrink?"

No promises
Bill/Harry (Misc night, challenge by [info]nimori)

No promises, Bill had said, and Harry had echoed it. It was the sort of thing you said before you fell into bed with another bloke.

But somewhere between Got condoms, have you? and Not crushing you, am I? come the moments you can't help.

The moments when he puts his face against the back of your neck and inhales in a way that tells you he's smelling your hair, and likes it. When his fingers trace your ribs, and you start and he laughs and he murmurs something about you being awfully ticklish. When he tongues you open, saying that he wants to make sure you're going to be ready.

No, no promises. Including a lack of a promise that Harry wouldn't fall in love.

Words were like spells, in a way. Harry thinks they should have been more specific.

Remember when I lit the fire
Harry/Sirius (Misc night, challenge by [info]blackdracaena)
(A/N: And this one exploded, with way too many words. Oh, well.)

Harry slid down in the bed so that he could push against Sirius's chest. He loved to hear Sirius tell it over. "Go on."

"Your mother's put you down for the night, and you start to cry; we can hear it downstairs. And I say I'll go; what's a godfather good for, right? And before Lil--your mum can make some crack, I'm off up the stairs, but you've stopped crying already; there's no sound. But then I hear you make this gurgle, and you sound happy, so I go on in anyway and here's the thing: the candles on the table are lit. And your mum never would leave candles burning in your room, and she comes in right behind me and wants to know why I'VE lit candles, and I say I bloody haven't, and that was the moment that we realized you were scared of the dark. And that you were going to be one hell of a wizard, Harry." He kissed the top of the adult Harry's head. "And that I was never going to love anyone like I loved you."

"You still tease me about being scared of the dark, though!"

"Sure. Now that you're older, I expect you could stop the sun from setting, given the proper motivation, see."

"Very funny," said Harry, lighting the candle across the room without even a gesture.

"Get this thing off me!"
Snape/Harry (Misc night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

"Get this thing off of me."

"That thing, as you call it--" Harry's tone was crisp, belying three days of exhausted vigil by Snape's deathly sick bedside--"is probably the only reason you're breathing right now. Pomfrey made that poultice up, and you're to keep it on your chest another day."

"It smells disgusting. God help me, I smell disgusting. I want a shower."

"She doesn't want you getting out of bed right now. I'd be glad to help you with a sponge bath."


"It's not like you've got anything I haven't seen," Harry said, trying to work up a leer, instead of sounding soothing. Snape was going to blow up over soothing.

He blew up anyway. "I don't need your bloody help!" The waterglass he seized and threw at the wall narrowly missed Hermione, entering.

She "eep!"-ed, then, calmer, asked, "How is he doing?"

"Better," smiled Harry.

I will stare into the sun until its light doesn't blind me
Harry/Lucius (Misc night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

Lucius lights another Gauloise and listens to the quiet breathing in the cell behind him.


Lucius inhales, holds the smoke. Exhales. "What do you want, Potter?" His lip curls in the same way the smoke does, though the prisoner cannot see him smile. "Surely not light to read by."

Weeks ago, that would have earned him a fuck you from the boy (and a what, again? If you insist from him). This time, there is only a thin chuckle.

Lucius turns to gaze into the cell, curious.

Potter has those sightless eyes turned in his direction, and he is smiling back.

"You ever hear how if you remove one of a man's senses, the others will grow in response?"

His sneer deepens. "Foolish mythology."

"Then explain this to your boss, Malfoy."


Later, it will be confirmed that the anti-apparation wards did not fail.

thinking is over-rated
Sirius/Ron (Misc night, challenge by [info]cursive)

Twelve Grimmauld Place is not nearly so dreadful when you're sharing it with your godson.

And he's sharing it with all of his friends that drop by. Ron, in particular, is over nearly every day, now that school's done. Sirius likes Ron. He's a wellspring of simple joyous energy, and Harry needs that. And so does Sirius.

Ron comes to see Harry, and they go off to play Quidditch.

Ron comes to see Harry, and they stay in and drink butterbeer.

Ron comes to see Harry, and he isn't in, one day.

"He had an interview, " says Sirius. "Sorry, I thought--"

"--that I knew? I did," says Ron. "I came to see you. You don't mind, do you?"

"Me?" It sounds so foolishly forlorn. Sirius repeats: "I thought--"

"Thinking is overrated," says Ron, and his grin is wicked as he puts his hand on Sirius's thigh.

Not inside the castle
Snape/Hagrid (Misc night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

"Hagrid, my friend, I do not begrudge you your hobbies, but, please--not inside the castle, eh?"

"Hm? Oh, no, Headmaster! 'S not for me this time. This is that little plan I told ya about."

"Little pl--oh. Oh, my. Really. When you said you'd get him a gift, I had no idea..."

"Ah, Headmaster. The boy's got no friends tha' I c'n see--I thought it might make him smile."

"I really--"

"Look at the lad. Don't you think he'd be happy with somethin' that special, for a change?"

"...Oh, very well."

Severus Snape was the only student at Hogwarts with a baby kelpie for a familiar.

Nothing to write home about
Sirius/Snape (Bondage night, challenge by [info]nimori)

Hello mum, I

"Call me 'Daddy,' you little weasel--"

have made some friends here at Hogwarts

"--oh, yeah, you love being on your knees in front of me."

and am getting plenty to eat

"Open your mouth and take it, you eager little cocksucker."

but I miss you.

"Precious little mama's boy, with skin like that. Let's see how it bruises."

You were right--the Blacks are the family to get to know.

" fucking your tight arse after I've whipped you."

Sirius Black is particularly capable.

"...going to see how long you can stay in those ropes. And stop crying."

Sorry this is so short

"Fuck, you're ready to shoot already, aren't you, Snivellus?"

but I really don't have any other news.

"Let me hear you beg me for it again. Same old song with you."

Love, Severus

"Same time tomorrow. You're all right, kid, y'know that?"

I don't want the world, I just want your half
Harry/Lucius (Bondage night, challenge by [info]marksykins)

He has tried pleading. He has tried sweet, placid agreement. He has even called Lucius sir and master and my lord, even though Lucius never told him to do so.

None of it makes any difference.

Lucius does seem to enjoy his tears, so Harry allows those to flow unchecked. But he never tries to fake those. Lucius caught him out at that the first time and it was a very bad night.

On the good nights, only the first toybox is depleted, Lucius is free with his kisses, and Harry even gets to come. Harry thinks he has to be doing something right, because there are more good nights than bad, these days.

And thinks he's beginning to understand what it is Lucius does want.

Lucius doesn't want to rule the world. Voldemort wants that.

Lucius just wants to rule the small piece of it known as Harry Potter.

"For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds / Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds." Sonnet 94
Snape/Lucius (Shakespearean sonnets night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

"They took Draco's birth."

"A lot of blood and pain, my dear. Narcissa looked like absolute hell."

"They took the night I received my Mark."

"Did they? That was a happy memory for you? Merlin, Lucius, I was sweating pure lead at my induction. Threw up before and after. Well. You were always made of stronger stuff than I."

"They took the fifth of June, 1973."

Severus stops massaging Lucius's hand.

Then he resumes. "Ah. Well. I was inexperienced and pathetic. Squealed like a girl. I should be glad you've f-forgotten--"

The stumble has betrayed him. He doesn't bother to complete the sentence.

Instead, Severus brings his face close.

"Lucius. Try and think of it as--as spring cleaning. Now we can make new memories to replace the old."

They kiss as though they can make themselves believe it.

"My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun"
Snape/Harry (Shakespearean sonnets night, challenge by [info]venivincere)
(A/N: Of course, Cybele's already done the definitive take on this one in "The Challenge." But I decided to give it a go anyway.)

"'If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head...' Heh. I think I'm starting to understand what the Bard was on about."

"What--ah. Harry. Where...where did you find that?"

"On your top shelf. Hermione wanted me to find a volume of Shakespeare for her, and I remembered I'd seen one in your rooms."

"Harry. That's a rather rare and...unusual edition of the First Folio. Wasn't actually published. I should like it if you'd return--"

"Oh, but I have to finish this sonnet. Sounds just like me and you, Severus. Listen to the end. 'And yet, by heaven, my love clad in black crepe/ Far fairer than any silk-dressed flower, is my...SNAPE???' What. The. FUCK???"

"Oh, for... Minerva's not the only one with Time-Turner access, you know! Give me that back. I convinced Will to change that line."

"My glass shall not persuade me I am old, So long as youth and thou are of one date"
Dumbledore/anybody (Shakespearean sonnets night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

"Staff meeting tonight, Albus?"

"Yes, my dear. Though I'm more interested in knowing if you'll come to a later rendezvous."

"Y'are a wicked creature. Though none who hear you speak would know. 'Rendezvous.' Honestly."

"The password is 'Caramel Sundae.'"

"Of course it is. You just want to give me ideas."

"Of course I do. will wear the skirt, won't you?"

"Really, Albus! My knees are no thing of beauty, any longer! I can't understand why on earth you'd have me in my Gryffindor girl's uniform so often."

"You are my delicate May Blossom, Minerva. Always."

"Never compare a Scotswoman to Victoria. I'd much prefer to be a thistle."

"My prickly nymphet. You'll come?"

"I suppose that depends on your stamina, doesn't it?"

"And you call me wicked, dearest Min."

spaghetti western
Harry, Sirius (Alternate realities night, challenge by [info]gmth)

"Time for us to ride into the sunset, pardner."

"It's...twelve noon."

"Christ. You're never going to get the hang of this, are you?"

"Don't say 'hang.' I can still feel that noose around my neck."

"That's why they call me 'Quick-Draw Potter.' Can shoot a rope in two at two hundred paces."

"I still think 'Fast Gun Harry' was a better name. Considering last night..."

"Hey! I'm only seventeen, you know!"

"I know, I know. What you lack in endurance you make up for in renewal. Me, I get to make up lines about being hung, and how those rumors are not exaggerated."

"That's 'hanged,' you clot. Hey, how come your words aren't matching the movements of your lips?"

"Just trying to get the hang of the genre. Call me Sirioso Blackorini from now on."

"You're learning, pardner, you're learning."

Ancient Egypt
Bill, Lucius (Alternate realities night, challenge by [info]nimori)

"First Prophet?"

"Yes, Second Prophet?"

"I am told our stores of natron run perilously low."

"Have no fear, Second Prophet. Great Amun will provide for us."

The Second Prophet of the temple raised his coppery eyebrows so high they appeared they might crest over his shaven skull. "First Prophet, faith in the god over all is one thing, but if we lack natron, there will be no way to preserve the thousand souls--including ours--that must be interred with Pharaoh when he dies! And he lies at the door of the very underworld as we speak!"

"Yes." First Prophet smiled. "Perhaps Amun is telling us he disapproves of the tradition. So many lost souls when a Pharaoh dies, don't you think?"

First Prophet's sacred incarnation of Apep had slid from his wrist and come to coil about Second Prophet's ankle.

"Tell me you agree, my brother."

Apep hissed.

Voldemort, Snape (Alternate realities night, challenge by [info]gmth)

The green-eyed red-head was causing all the blood to rush to his groin just by breathing. "Potter. James Potter."

"Well, Mr. Potter--" she licked her lips--"I've nothing to do with Voldemort. Or his Death Eaters."

James's attention to his wand in his breast pocket was rapidly being supplanted by attention to his other wand. "I suspect, Miss Evans, that only a careful search of your person will convince me of tha--"

His last words. Green light ripped into him from behind.

"Well," said Voldemort, stepping out from the shadows, "you were right, Severus. Seems a pretty face--or arse--was all we needed to distract him."

"Bugger." Snape nudged the equally dead Miss Evans with a toe. "Caught her in the cross fire."

"Pity." Voldemort petted the snake in his arms, then frowned down at her. "Why can't you be furry like a pussy cat?"

Nagini hissed.

The Buccaneer's Curse
Snape/Harry (Alternate realities night, challenge by [info]snapetoy)

"You wished to see me, Cap'n?" piped the childish voice.

"Aye." Captain Snape removed his hat, revealing black locks to which the sun had been none too kind. Well, his cabin boy's was no less a fright.

He couldn't wait to get it out of that absurd bandanna. Watch it cascade down. He knew the little chit wouldn't have cut it.

"I fancy we should stop playing games. Don't you agree, Harry?"

His cabin boy blinked at him. Delightful. He fingered his dirk lovingly.

"None of that innocent bilgewater with me, me lad! Or isn't that accurate either, hmm? Thought you could sneak aboard by disguising yourself as a boy, didn't you, Harry? Or is it--Harriet!"

One swift flick with his dirk, a hiss of tearing fabric--and all was revealed!

Beginning with his vast error.

"Um, Professor Snape?" His cabin boy--yes, boy--was vainly trying to hold together cut shirt and trousers. "I think you must have signed up for the 'A Pirate's Heart' adventure. Me, I asked to have 'The Buccaneer's Curse' one. Think they just consolidated the two to save time?"

"Oh, for fuck's sake." Snape turned to face the wall and screamed, "Tech Support!"

"Which one is poison?"
Snape/Harry (Dialogue night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

"Professor Snape?"

Severus turned to look at his unwanted, but unavoidable (blast Albus) houseguest. Couldn't the boy leave him in peace for even one morning? "What?"

"The, um...the...sweet almond oil, or the bitter. Which one is poison?"

Severus blinked. "The--neither one, you dunderhead. You think I would keep poisonous ingredients in my larder?"

"Oh. I thought--"

"Yes, you thought. Next time try reading your texts. Try remembering what is in them. Honestly, Potter."

It wasn't until ten minutes later that Severus thought to wonder why Potter wanted to know.

The bottle of sweet was gone. Potter wasn't in the larder. Or in the study, or the bath, or in his guestroom.

That left Severus's room.

"Potter, what on earth--FUCK!"

The brat hadn't even locked the bloody door.

The almond smell permeated the room, and Potter's body glistened.

"I was sort of hoping you'd help me test it."

"You couldn't be more wrong."
Harry/Draco (Dialogue night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

"Stop picking at that."

"Shut up, Potter. When did you become my designated bed-sitter, anyway? I don't remember asking for you. And if I did remember asking for you, I'd be screaming for a fucking memory wipe."

"Pomfrey's not about to supply that. Stop picking, I said."

"My good looks are ruined."

"You had a burn above your left eyebrow. It's nothing. You'll probably look bloody dashing."

"Ha. Your scar's never made you look anything but a right git."

"My, you're feeling better."

"I'm alive, which is more than I should be. I still don't know who sent the warning that it was a Ministry raid."

"Someone in Gryffindor."

"...You're lying."

"Who fancies you."

"Now I really know you're lying."

"I'm not."

"Figures that Granger couldn't resist my charms after all."

"You couldn't be more wrong."

The kiss was the second thing to take Draco Malfoy by surprise that day.

"You have to look a little closer."
Remus/Bill (Dialogue night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

"What do you think of the house?"

Remus stood in the middle of the study, hands spread helplessly. "Bill, it's--it's lovely. Wonderful. But you can't really want me to move in here with you."

"Said I do, don't I? Y'seen the bookcase behind you?"

Remus looked. "It's quite an assortment of texts, yes."

"You have to look a little closer." Bill stepped up to the bookcase, and pulled a red-jacketed volume--seemingly at random--from the shelf.

The bookcase slid back with a soft click.

Remus stared. Then stared at Bill.

"Leads to a sub-basement. One that's very big. Padded. No need for a cage." Bill ducked his head as though embarrassed. "Screw Snape and his price for Wolfsbane."

"best served cold"
Draco/Ron (Dialogue night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

Ron stared as Draco poured tea for both of them, an absurd flowered mitt protecting his hand from the china pot. "Sugar?"

He nodded.


"You gonna ask me if I want arsenic next?"

"Shut up, Weasley. I've been told to make nice with you, so you will shut up and drink my tea. I'll even swap you fucking teacups if you want." Draco lifted the glass cover off a dish. "And you're going to eat my blancmange."

Ron spat tea involuntarily. "Do you have any idea how wrong that sounds?"

"Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm not the least bit interested in your arse."

"I never said--! Christ, accuse me about MY mind...!"

Draco slammed down the cover. "Stop fucking talking and eat it before it runs. Blancmange is a dish best served cold."

"I think you're mixing your quotations."

"Shut up."

The blancmange was delicious, actually.

Harry/Lucius (Fetishes night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

The first night, Lucius throws off his captive's expectations by combing the snarls out of his hair, tangled during his abduction. He continues the combing until Potter cannot sustain his terror, and falls into exhausted sleep.

The next night Potter has no idea why Lucius has taken his clothing and is binding him into this lace-bedecked construction of whalebone and satin. He thinks it's for humiliation purposes. He learns otherwise, as Lucius pulls the laces tighter, and tighter, until he is gasping, until he is begging for them to be released, until they are so tight Potter cannot even beg. Lucius never lets him lose consciousness, however.

Lucius does not allow Potter food until the next night, by which time Potter is too hungry to resist when Lucius requires him to take each bite from Lucius's fingers, with his mouth. Lucius feeds him wedges of apple--Braeburn, Fuji, Royal Gala--and nothing else.

The fruit is drugged. Potter later wakes from his slumber in a sealed coffin no wider than his hips and shoulders. The coffin is spelled to hold all the air he needs, but he is not to know that. Lucius smiles to hear the muffled screams and thuds that reoccur at less frequent intervals during the day, and night.

Tomorrow they'll start on another fairy tale.

Snape/surprise partner (Fetishes night, challenge by [info]nimori)

Severus's eyes snapped open--showing him only beige-painted bathroom stall, naturally. Something was very wrong here.

He wasn't about to pull away and actually look at the cock that was presently tonsils-deep in his mouth. That would create suspicion.

But he knew this one. Knew the way the ridged corona nudged the back of his soft palate just so, knew the way the foreskin rolled back like an eager window shade.

Knew it because it had already been in his mouth once tonight. He'd done enough Fourth Saturdays to be certain of that...not to mention the UNofficial Sunday mornings with that same Fifth-year prefect.

So there was no reason for Lucius to be taking Secondsies on Fourth Saturday.

Severus...slowed down.

The longest blowjob he'd ever given also turned out to be the most entertaining.

When the polyjuice wore off, the Slytherin upperclassmen gave Sirius Black the beating of his life.

erotic mind control
Harry/Snape (Fetishes night, challenge by [info]gmth)

He wants to push his way into that wrinkled pucker between Potter's spread cheeks. Grease him up with the nearest thing at hand and pummel away at the boy until his world goes black and red at the edges. Barring that, he also wants to shove Potter to his knees, force open that young red mouth and use it as a receptacle--for his cock, for his spunk, for his piss, he doesn't care. All of it.

But Snape cannot let Potter leave his classroom with the burn of cock up his arse. Does not know what excuse he would give, what concoction he would force on the boy, to mask the taste of musk and sperm and urine. And cleansing charms are not always reliable.

Which is why he commands this simple strip-and-display from Potter instead, during their sessions. Focuses on the flat fawn-colored nipples that he makes Potter finger. The pubescent cock that sometimes hardens and sometimes does not. The gently swinging sac of the boy's balls that he can see best when Potter turns and bends with his legs spread. The rosy arsehole that constricts for him as Potter digs his fingers into his buttocks and wrenches them apart.

It's not enough. It's never enough.

It's enough.

Snape is on his knees when he comes, and his semen wets at least three flagstones when he does.

And if Potter notices the smell in the room when he is clothed again and set free of the spell, at least he does not carry it on him, and will forget about it soon after leaving.

cock and ball torture
Sirius/Twins (Fetishes night, challenge by [info]nimori)

"How many hours has it been for him, Fred, eight?"

They had warned him. Remus, Snape, Tonks, Bill, Moody.

Don't get involved with Fred and George.

"Wishful thinking, George. Can't be more than six."

Sirius had heard. But he'd thought the warning was for the twins' protection.

"Bet he never thought this could happen outside of a Priapus charm, eh?"

"Doubt it, doubt it. Still with us, Sirius?"

What George tweaked to get his attention brought yet another useless scream from his agonized throat. Useless because the gag was muffling any pleas, and because the twins weren't paying the least bit of attention to any of them.

"I think there's room here for a few more of those enchanted scarabs. What do you say?"

"George, there isn't a visible bit of skin left on his balls anywhere."

"I wasn't thinking there." George fingered Sirius's raw but yet-undecorated foreskin.



Japan, and a portkey
Snape/Lucius (Travel night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"Such a short season, the cherry blossoms have."

Severus paused on the bridge, looking down. The blossom-strewn water surface almost hid the swimming carp below.

"But I prefer it when they have begun to fall. Many a poet has been inspired by their snow-like appearance. I'm sure you can see why."

He descended the curvature of the bridge. The red was easy to follow in all that white.

"I doubt you are pleased it ended this way. But try to appreciate the care I chose for your resting spot, yes? Despite my poorer upbringing, Lucius, I have as much taste as you."

As the cherry blossoms continued to descend, speckling the corpse most elegantly, Severus resheathed the blood-wet sword. The handle of the shorter shoto blade at his waist, hitherto untouched, settled neatly against his palm as he bowed...and vanished.

Orient Express
Sirius/Harry (Travel night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"When does the murder happen?"

Sirius straightened too quickly once again and hit his head on the upper bunk. "Ow! Harry, would you please give it a rest? That joke was old before I purchased the sodding tickets."

Harry bounced on the mattress, as enthusiastically as the low ceiling above the upper bunk would let him. "But you promised to show me everything! All the famous landmarks, all the travel forms that're landmarks themselves. Including the Murder on the Orient Express."

"For Merlin's sake, the Orient Express was famous long before that bloody-minded old bat got herself a writing hobby!"

"You think Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot were doing it? I always thought so."

"That's it! Get down here or I'm coming up there."

"Love to."

Harry overbalanced and ended up falling from his perch, Sirius under him.

"Oops. Sorry. So, is there going to be a murder?"

"Yes. Yours."

flying carpet
Snape/Harry (Travel night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

"I told you there were advantages to flying carpets that broomsticks simply did not have," Snape said, or at least, that was what Harry suspected Snape was trying to say, because when one's most hated professor's complete-and-utter-bastard act started to get sexy as you got older and he in turn began to notice that his sneering pronouncements were making his most difficult student squirm in a very different kind of way and they found on one detention-scheduled night exactly where that kind of thing could lead and they began looking for opportunities to get away from Hogwarts Castle so that their not-entirely-sanctioned trysts could continue and then Severus had suggested this and Harry was presently on his knees gripping the carpet and feeling the wind buffet his naked body and Severus had his tongue buried deep in Harry's arsehole...well, sometimes you just had to get certain things from context, right?

The flavor of morning
Harry/Sirius (Structures night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

Sirius has given Harry all the water in the pail, and his fever still won't break, and the scrap of cloth that was Sirius's shirt doesn't have enough dampness left in it to sponge anything. Not Harry's fevered face, not the wound in Harry's thigh with its now-sweetish smell, not the ugly red streaks starting to spread into his groin and torso.

He bangs on the cell bars for nearly an hour at a time, using the empty pail. Yelling. Pleading.

No one comes.

Five days later, a host of dead Death Eaters in his wake, Dumbledore finds them.

Sirius's presence, draped over the corpse, lips pressed to Harry's forehead, has kept the rats at bay.

Too blinded by tears to be sickened, Dumbledore brings Sirius out of the dungeon cell, and takes him to face the impossible, hateful morning.

Every force evolves a form.
Snape/Sirius (Structures night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"You cannot possibly sit down."

"Why not?" Sirius shrugged as he did exactly that, plopping himself down onto the floor of the dodecahedron. "Our wands aren't having any effect on the walls of this thing. Might as well get comfortable and wait for rescue."

"You cannot 'get comfortable' in this thing, Black! We've got a pentagonal space one-twelfth of the surface structure to stand upon in here. If you sit I can't--you'll be--"

"Touching you?" Sirius leered.

"Yes! A fucking pox on all Death Eaters who can count beyond three. A triangular pyramid trap would have accomplished the same thing and given us more standing room."

Sirius appeared to consider this. "But standing in a triangular pyramid, our heads would be awfully close together, wouldn't they?"

"You--! That's not what I--!"

Sirius snagged his robe and pulled him sprawling. "Shut up and give us a kiss."

The beauty is that everything changes
Harry/Ron (Structures night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"Your mum expects to see you under that, one day," said Harry in a quiet moment, looking at the gazebo.

"Yeah, well. 'Spect she thought I'd be under it before Ginny." Digging his hands deep into the pockets of his formal attendant's robes, Ron turned to look at his sister. He'd never seen a girl look more beautiful, in those white bridal robes of hers. From the way her groom's besotted smile never wavered, neither had Neville, apparently.

"Maybe--" Harry wasn't speaking loudly, but none of the guests were near--"Maybe another night we come out here. Just by ourselves. Your mum doesn't need to know."

Ron snorted. "For what? A private ceremony, or just a good al fresco shag?"

"Bit of both, maybe."

"You're an absolute nutter, you know." But Ron's smile said he didn't think it was a bad idea at all.

You've got everything now
Snape/Draco (Structures night, challenge by [info]cursive)

"Very nice," said Snape, making a show of studying the Malfoy Manor entryway with his hand under his chin. "Of course, the front door will have to go. That crest. I might paint the whole door magenta, actually."

Lucius wheezed. Poor Lucius. Azkaban really had been hell on the man's lungs, hadn't it?

"You...!" Narcissa was ready to say more, but her husband's hand gripped her arm. "Not. Another. Word," Lucius snarled.

Draco, however, had words. "I always knew you were a bastard, Snape, but this tops everything. The ministry said we could stay if you agreed! You didn't have to throw us out!"

Snape smiled. "'Us'? Dear boy, you are not going. In fact, I insisted you stay."

"...You did?"

"Of course. The ministry terms guaranteed me a concubine. Lucius, Narcissa, you've overstayed your welcome. Good-bye. Tweezle, please show Draco the outfit he'll be wearing. With the corset."


You heard that rumor where?
Snape/Black (Animals night, challenge by me)

"...thought I was a virgin?"

"Well...yes. That was the rumor. From your tone, I take it--"

"Not even close."


"House Slytherin was quite the hotbed of action in our school days--"

"Actually, I don't think I want to know."

"Why, Black. So squeamish. A man of your reputation."

"Yes. Um. Well."

"...Oh, you can't mean. No."

"Well, it's like you said. Not all rumors are founded."

"A virgin."

"Well, yes."

"Sirius Black. A virgin. I was your first."

"Stop looking like that, would you?"

"How am I looking?"

"Bloody smug. I don't care that you know, given what's between us now, but...keep it quiet, eh?"

"As a mouse."


Staring at the Quibbler gossip column two days later, Sirius fumed that mice must have very loud voices on Snape's planet, and that he was going to kill the squeaking little cheese eater.

What would I do without you?
Snape/Lucius (Animals night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"Sit and drink with me, Severus." Lucius drew the cork with a wandflick and poured, careful not to let the warmth of his hand contaminate the goblets as he handed one to his friend. "Chateau Mephistophe. Eighteen ninety-one. The Dark Lord is generous." Lucius sipped, savoring the bouquet of pepper and walnut.

"The wine's a gift from Voldemort?"

"He's very pleased with our work falsifying the Ministry records. It would appear he's willing to forgive the efforts that effecting our escape cost him. Drink, Severus. For Merlin's sake, you can't think I'm planning to poison you, of all people."

"The Dark Lord doesn't forgive, Lucius. I don't--"

The glass fell from Lucius's hand as the pain hit him in his throat, his gut, his groin, his every nerve.

Severus knelt at his side.

"An ignominious end, my friend. You deserved better than to be my canary in the coalmine."

The devil is in the details.
Harry/Ron (Animals night, challenge by [info]sparrohawk)

"So, can you deal with the headlines?"


"'Boy-Who-Lived in Gay Sex Scandal.' Or shall we just stay in the closet for the rest of our lives?"

"Ron, it's not a scandal. We're two unattached blokes, remember? Scandals have to be a bit juicier. Adultery. Threesomes."

"Of course, one of us could agree to transfigure into a girl, instead."

"Oh, yes, that would make things ever so simple. I assume you're volunteering?"

"Well, actually, I was thinking: everyone says you've got your mother's eyes, you're loads likelier to look better as a girl than I ever--"


"Well, it was a suggestion."

"Yeah, not one you were likely to take. You know what they say: a leopard can't change its spots."

"Since when did you get an animagus form, then?"

"Shut up and get naked. We've got fifteen whole minutes before either of us has to leave for work."

You get what you pay for.
Fred/George (Misc night, challenge by [info]nimori)

Ron does not understand. He will not let himself understand.


Fred looks at him; George doesn't. "He's our brother."

"Two for one isn't fair." It's all he can think of to say, and it's ludicrous.

Now they both do look at him. Fred touches Ron's cheek. "They don't want fair, Ronniekins. They want something worth their trouble."

"That's why we went to make the offer ourselves. Thought they might go for it."

"Malfoy gets both of you? And releases Percy?" The twins nod in unison. Ron chokes. "Fucker."

"To be honest, we were counting on his greed. Were hoping we wouldn't be split up."

"Not that much different from the usual, is it, Fred? Just increases the number of people in our bed by one, really."

A snort. "Sure."

Ron chokes again.

He will find Fudge, who spoke the words hostage exchange aloud yesterday, and he will kill him.

What will a desperate man do?
Sirius/Lucius (Misc night, challenge by [info]snapetoy)

"You've got to be fucking kidding."

"Not in the least." Lucius stood where he was, prick inches from the chained man's mouth. "If you refuse, I'm sure I can find better sport in the adjacent cell."

"There's nothing y--what did you say?"

It amused Lucius, how quickly the sneer was gone from Black's voice. "No, I didn't think anyone had told you that we'd caught him. And these walls are stone, and two feet thick--you couldn't have heard him crying in the night."

To his credit, Black did not ask who. "You're lying."

"He never begs for himself, you know. Only for his godfather's freedom. Promising us what we'll soon take anyway. Such a tender mouth he must have. I'm sure it bruises as prettily as the rest of him."

By that point Sirius could no longer say anything. Lucius knew he wouldn't even need a charm against biting.

I knew the first time I saw you.
Snape/Lucius (Straight boys night, challenge by [info]nimori)

Snape is eleven, and he is a confused, unhappy boy.

He doesn't like girls. But that's all right, because none of the first-year boys like girls. Girls cause no more sexual inspiration than do cats or owls, at that age.

And he doesn't like boys either. No story-sharing with age-mates there. If any boy likes boys he's a freak. End of story.

Snape doesn't like boys.

Just one boy.

It's that blond sixth-year he thinks about when he's trying to be ever so quiet in his bed at night, when his hand is on that part of himself and the feelings wash over him in waves, and he feels a little sick after.

When Snape is thirteen, he feels his first stirrings for girls. Finally, finally, he knows he's normal.

He tells himself it has nothing to do with the object of his obsession having left Hogwarts the year before.

Baby, it's cold outside.
Harry/Sirius (Straight boys night, challenge by [info]gmth)

"Bloody hell, Harry, why didn't you tell me your room wasn't holding heating charms longer than an hour?"

"Didn't w-want to b-bother you--"

"You're like an icicle. Stay here with me for a few minutes, then I'll slide out and make myself a bed on the floor."

"D-don't want to kick you out."

"The floor's a better bed than I've had, many a time. You're frozen stiff. I--oh."

"...oh, god."


"...god. I'm--"

"It's--er, bad choice of words there, sorry--I--look, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone--"

"...going to die right NOW..."

"...look, it DOES happen to everyone, I--I've got most of one myself, right now--okay, um, VERY bad choice of revelations on my part--fuck, look, I'm slipping out of bed right now, okay? Taking one blanket. Good night, Harry."



"D'you...need any help with that, maybe?"

Anything you can do, I can do better.
Harry/Ron (Straight boys night, challenge by [info]florahart)

"Jesus fuck, Harry--"

--his bed curtains were dragged open, and Harry had never seen Ron look like that--

"--it's a bloody SILENCING SPELL, you can produce a goddamn patronus and you teach the goddamn D.A. and you still can't get one of those right--"

--and Ron had shoved Harry over and shoved his way into Harry's bed and shoved his hand down Harry's pyjama bottoms--

"--and you KNOW that Angelina's got me pegged for extra practice with her tomorrow at the arsecrack of dawn because I'm still shite for a Keeper but you, youuuu don't have to be there until the rest of the team is because you're the fucking Boy Who Finds The Snitch Like It Was One Of Hagrid's Balls--"

--Ron's hand was doing remarkable things to Harry's own balls at this moment, while still keeping that amazing squeeze-and-slide movement on Harry's stiff prick--

"--so youuuu can just keep the rest of us awake with your nightly wank that takes a goddamn hour for whatever reason because you still can't do the fucking SILENCING SPELL, you fucking rude son-of-a-bitch and I. Need. My Goddamn. SLEEP!"

Harry made a noise like a dying basilisk as he came all over Ron's hand. Ron waited exactly ten heartbeats before releasing Harry's wilting cock, pushing to his feet, and jerking the curtains closed with such violence one of them tore free of a ring.

And Harry couldn't think of a thing to say.

Hot and humid.
Snape/Harry (No theme night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

Harry drooped over the cauldron. Everything about him drooped: head, hair, the slack lie of his hands on the stirring stick. The fumes, the heat...he knew he was about to go face down into the bubbling mess.

"Idiot boy!"

The stick snatched away, hands pulling him backward. Air. His first breath of untainted air in long minutes--hot, humid summer air, but fume-free for all that.

"You were sweating into the cauldron!" A hand swiped wetness from his face. "It'll have to be done again. From the beginning. Are you deliberately trying to make your detention worse, Potter?"

Unable to do more than breathe, Harry closed his eyes.

"That does it. Over the desk."

The desk was slate-topped, and so cool under his cheek Harry did not care about the hands unfastening his trousers. And then the trousers were down as well.

Snape might be preparing to warm his arse for him, but the air on his skin was heavenly right now. Beyond that, Harry just couldn't worry about it.

Freezing Advisory
Harry/Draco (No theme night, challenge by several of us)

When Harry walks past Malfoy, he swears the temperature drops ten degrees.

It's everything about the son-of-a-bitch: the ice-blond hair, ice-grey eyes, ice-cold smile. It raises the gooseflesh on Harry's arms, makes him shiver, and he can feel his bollocks trying to draw themselves back up inside his body for warmth.

At least, he's sure that's what that twitch at his groin is.


When Draco walks past Potter, he swears the temperature rises ten degrees.

It's everything about the mudblood-loving bastard: heated blush, heated glare, heated fury. It makes Draco's own blood boil, makes him tug at his necktie, and causes sweat to slip down his spine and his sides in slow agonizing trails.

At least, he's sure that's why his smallclothes are damp.

nothing in my life ever came with a guarantee
Sirius/Remus (No theme night, challenge by [info]goseaward)

"Sirius?" Remus didn't think to knock. "Show me where you're getting those rats, will you, Buckbeak's making noises like he's hungry ag--"

He stopped. Sirius was sitting cross-legged, a much-worn broomstick laid lengthwise across his lap.

Silence for almost a minute. Then: "Regulus's."

Remus licked his lip slowly, searching for something to say. "Think it still works?"

"Nah." Sirius's hands stroked the black wood. "Reg abandoned it himself before we'd finished Hogwarts. Too old to try to fix, now."

"Well, we know how poverty-stricken your family was. Couldn't be arsed to buy him something with a decent warranty."

That almost got a smile out of Sirius, but halfway there, his mouth seemed to crumple in on itself. Remus was at his side in a heartbeat.

"No guarantees on anything in my life," Sirius choked out.

"Then make the most of every bloody moment," said Remus, and kissed him breathless.

Strike when the iron is hot
Voldemort, James, Arthur Weasley, Peter (Rarepairs night, challenge by [info]gmth)

"Your sons," says the little, slobbering thing in the chair before him. "They will be the first that I kill, as soon as I am restored. I shall begin with the eldest. Move on to the next eldest. And so on and so on, until they are gone and I reach that slip of a girl who is your youngest child. Her I will kill. All this before the eyes of you and your wife, Weasley. And then I shall kill your wife. And after that, you, I may not be so generous as to kill.

"Or you can be the one who takes up the duty of the restoring of me. And avoid such a fate."

So deceptively easy, it looks. A wand wave--ha, the mere descent of a fist--and all life in that deformed shape would be snuffed out forever.

But stronger men than Arthur Weasley thought the same thing, and they, and their wives and sons and daughters, are dead now, murdered by no more than the residual power that Voldemort now possesses.

Arthur thinks of tall, handsome Bill, and of little Ginny.

On his knees, Arthur drops his head...and bares his forearm.

Voldemort sneers. "I'll have something a little more sacrificial from you, Weasley."

Arthur blinks.

"Strip," orders the revolting creature. "I haven't had any for years."

Send in the clowns
Mundungus, Kingsley, Fred and George (Rarepairs night, challenge by [info]gmth)

"Everyone sit the hell down and shut the hell up!"

No one did. Kingsley wondered why he'd ever thought an auror was considered an authority figure.

The room looked like Guy Fawkes day come early, with spells sparking and flaring just above people's heads. Or, not always above their heads.

Mundungus chased a kneazle through the kitchen, calling, "Here, puss, puss--OW!" as it turned and clawed him.

"Didn't mean it, Kingsley!" protested one of the twins.

"We were sorting our Exploding Insta-Animagus stores--" said the other.

"Oh, shi--" was all Lupin had time to say as a stray firework bloomed in front of his face and turned him into a hummingbird. A very pissed-off hummingbird.

"We're sorry!" said GeorgeorFred.

"We'll make it up to you!" said FredorGeorge.

Kingsley was too angry to leer. "You planning to make it up the same way to your mum?"

The kneazle hissed.

"Eww," said the twins.

What you can't see can kill you
Harry, Sirius, Goyle, Diggory (Rarepairs night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)
(A/N: the challenge is in here if you squint.)

"Potter's a Seeker, right?" said Vince.

"Yeah," said Greg.

"And he's got a nice arse."


"And that Diggory bloke's a Seeker. And he's got a nice arse."


"What about Draco?"

"Dunno. Wouldn't dare get caught checking out Malfoy's arse."

"Yeah, too right."

"The Ravenclaw Seeker? Cho what's-her-face?"

"I don't check out girls' bums, I check out their boobs."

"How are they, then?"

"Two fried eggs under a trivet."

"So. Not worth it."


"So, two out of four. Not bad."

"But it's the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff match today."


"So, that's...two out of two."

Greg smiled. "Thought you weren't good at maths."

They both thought the Quidditch game was marvelous that day, despite the rain.

May I bring a friend?
Neville, Remus, Charlie, Colin (Rarepairs night, challenge by [info]florahart)

Neville's lover is forty-two years old, and yet Neville is the one who tires first and begs for a rest, most nights.

That's how the idea starts. Perhaps if there was another person with them, to share Remus's boundless energy...

"A friend?" Neville sees the look on Remus's face and knows right away that it was a bad idea. "If...certainly, Neville, if that's what you want..." Remus says, and Neville can see that Remus has had exactly the wrong thought: that he must comply if he is to keep his young lover.

He opens his mouth to tell Remus he's made a mistake, that he didn't mean it that way.

And then shuts it, seeing how to salvage the situation.

Colin brings his camera. Keeps his clothes on.

Neville's favorite is the one of Remus on his hands and knees, prick crimson and jutting, barely a yard from the lens, while Neville drags his head back by the leash as he pistons in and out of Remus's arse. Remus likes looking at that one, too.

When I became as you loved me
Harry/Draco (Compulsion night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)
(A/N: There's a nod to Fawlty Towers in this one.)

"You don't like marmalade?"

"If I wanted jam to taste like medicine, I'd eat in the infirmary, Potter. Don't tell me you like the stuff?"

"Well--yeah. Don't keep any other kind."

Draco picked up the toast and ate it dry. "Forget it. 'S more than I expected of you to provide breakfast on the morning after.--Christ, these eggs look like you laid them."


"He should be all right, Mr. Potter. At his age, though, it would pay for him to take fewer risks."

Harry sighed. "You think I haven't been telling him that for years?'

"We'll try to convince him of the merits of a lung-strengthening potion twice daily. Meanwhile, if you could get him to eat more, while he's here?"

"Harry? Stop sucking up to the healer and get in here!"

Harry did both. Draco's sulk at his breakfast tray was monumental.

"Bastards haven't any marmalade."

I believe this is yours
Snape/Harry (Compulsion night, challenge by me)

"Potter. I have far too much to do to keep track of your wayward belongings."

"Yes, Professor, I know. It's my own stupid fault and you can berate me all you like and take points for it, but Hermione gave me that quill for Christmas and I'd really like to have it back. So if you've got it, please, Professor."

The drawer, opened. The quill, palmed--

--knowing it's Potter's, wanting to soil it, soil him, dragging open his robes behind the secrecy of the locked door and stroking himself to full erection with the feather's barbs, letting the tip play against his scrotum, the point god the point inserted between glans and foreskin, circled until he's coming great spurting jets of white over his hand and the quill, Potter, you son-of-a-bitch, Potter--

--"Here you are. Don't leave it again or you can consider it confiscated."

"Yes, Professor."

Never again
Lucius/Snape (Compulsion night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

Lucius howls.

It's only in this bed that he howls. Sigh, yes, growl, certainly, snarl, of course, when it's his own curtained bed in his own master bedroom with his own blonde confection of a wife under him.

But when Snape orders him facedown and secures his wrists to the bedposts and rides him hard and fucks his arse deep and won't even touch his cock with a hand, it's then that Lucius howls.

Snape is releasing his wrists. Lucius swallows against a dry throat. "I'm not doing this anymore."

Snape smiles. The silk restraints have the oils of Lucius's skin so well-ingrained in their fibers, after all these years, it's almost primordial. Lucius's vow is such an integral part of their games. "Of course."

Severus/Lucius (Adverbs night, challenge by [info]goseaward)
(A/N: If you don't know Gilbert and Sullivan and know it WELL, this will go right over your heads. Sorry.)

"I'm not fucking joining you, you murdered my fucking parents!" Potter was struggling to get free. "You got any idea what it's like to grow up an orphan?"

"Often, often," said Voldemort, showing his teeth as he smiled.

"That's what I asked, you moron!"

Voldemort blinked, puzzling over the seeming non-sequitur rather than taking offense at the epithet. "Yes, and I said 'Often.'"

"What, you need me to define it, fuckwit? It means--."

"I know what it means! I am one! I murdered mine! That's why I said, 'Often'!"

"Wait. When you say, 'Orphan...'"

Severus felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned, found Lucius Malfoy at his side.

"Severus, my dear, I think they'll be at this all night. Would you like to find some other, more intense diversion?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Arm in arm, they strode away, whistling all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore.

Dumbledore/McGonagall (Adverbs night, challenge by [info]fabularasa)

He knows what tenderness there can be in humor, joking that what they used to do all takes them all night.

And for all that Minerva's hair is cloud-pale and hasn't seen a shade anywhere near auburn for half a century, it still cascades down, long as a girl's, when she releases it from its clip.

And he tells her that it is a relief not to have to worry about contraceptive spells. How could an old fool like him remember them, anyway?

But there are times when even his jokes and his flattery aren't enough, and only the sincerity of his kiss, and his embrace, and his passion, reassure his dear girl how much he would rather be with her, and no other.

And after, he teases her, "At night, all cats are grey." The joke's worth the minor hex she inevitably throws.

Draco/Ron (Adverbs night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

It's good to be on the winning side. Especially when one's rich.

Victorious, indolent living has spoiled some of Draco's aquaintances, and he's watched them growing soft--literally soft in their flesh. Draco won't let that happen to him, and follows quite the physical regimen daily.

It's after that he lets himself indulge.

Draco chooses his red-haired servant today, just for variety. Besides, the Weasel's got marvelous hands, and Draco's sore shoulder really needs to be worked on.

His shoulder gets the attention it needs. So do the rest of his muscles.

And at the end, Draco indulges himself with the Weasel's talented mouth as well.

In that delicious post-orgasmic haze, he really can't blame his acquaintances for growing soft.

Snape/Black (Adverbs night, challenge by [info]dragon_light)

"How come you're always wearing black?"

"Why on earth should you care?"

A snort. "I care about knowing the answer. Won't pretend I'm asking to get at your innermost feelings, Severus."

"Because it makes laundry day simple."

"Oh, right. Is that what's in that cauldron, then?"

"Hardly. You didn't expect me to interrupt my work just because you wanted a quick mid-day shag, did you?"

Sirius lifted his head from the pillow and peered at the subject of their discussion. "Is it supposed to be on fire like that?"

"Oh, bollocks!" Snape was out of bed and at the flaming cauldron's side instantly. "Bugger! Pail of water--your side of the bed--NOW!"

Sirius's aim was true, if overly thorough. Snape was as water-drenched as the cauldron, and Sirius could not stop laughing at the result.

Dripping, Snape sneered, "One would think you expected me to melt."

"Half-expected you would."

Harry/Voldemort (Adverbs night, challenge by [info]isiscolo)

Hands shaking, eyes hard and horrible...and forehead unmarked, Harry Potter placed the late Albus Dumbledore's wand into Voldemort's hand.

"It's yours. And I'm no longer marked by you. No more prophecies. You win.

"Now. Keep your side of the goddamn bargain."

Voldemort smiled. "Very well, my boy."

And he changed.

Skin shifted. Hair grew long where there'd been none.

The smile--all of it perfect, right down to the same rakish smile.

Except Sirius's grey eyes could not hide the red flash beneath.

"No." Harry had no fight left in him to step back. "You said. You swore. No. Not like this."

Even the voice was exact, and the bark-like laugh. "Yes. But it's what you're getting, Harry."

No fight left.

Harry went to him. Sirius's arms caught and enfolded him as he fell.

Such a long, long way down.

Cross that bridge when we come to it
Harry/Remus (Senses night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

"Was that your stomach?"

Harry grinned, caressed the gurgling offender with a hand. "Guess it was. I haven't eaten all day."

Leaning over the side of the bed, Remus groped on the floor for his discarded cardigan. "Here." Chocolate was produced. "I recall you like this kind with the nuts."

Dark sweetness on the tongue, melting like no other flavor could. Harry savored every square.

"That's my last piece, it looks," said Remus.

"Giving away all your chocolate? So careless. That's not like you."

"Brat. I can fix that." Lips covered Harry's, and he willingly shared the taste of chocolate with Remus's equally hungry mouth.

When they separated to breathe, Harry teased, "What if a Dementor comes?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Even that small amount of chocolate was enough to sustain them for hours more.

And no, Dementors did not interrupt.

"You can't have any."
twins/Harry (Senses night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"George, stay outside!"

"The fuck?! I--" A muffled word in Latin, and the door flew outward, taking some of its framing with it. Coughing, George barrelled through the empty doorway.

To find he should have obeyed his twin.

"Oh, fuck."

Fred was sitting against the wall, as far from the still figure as he could go. "His eyes..." he murmured, his own hollow and staring. "His eyes...they were red. He'd come a bit early and I started to say that you weren't home yet, and he smiled as though that was a good thing, as though he thought it was only the two of us who trysted here--and I should have seen something was wrong, but then he came up and kissed me, and I thought he just wanted to get started without you, and that's when I saw the eyes, fuck, George, the eyes..."

George saw that the eyes were muddy dead green now, and lifeless as the rest of Harry.

"Possessed him," Fred croaked. "He tried to kill me, George. He was strangling me and I knew it wasn't him, it was V-Voldemort in him, and I was going to die and I grabbed the first thing I could find and it was just that old broken clock but it was heavy and oh fuck, George, I've k-killed him..."

George reached a hand towards the corpse.

"No!" Fred's head snapped around. "Don't touch anything! I'm not going to have anyone saying you were involved, goddammit! I killed him--I'll take the blame! Not you!"

George closed his eyes. "Never gonna happen, mate."

Fred stared for another moment.

And then allowed himself to collapse weeping in the arms of the one who had shared every moment of his life from the womb on, and would share this.

"It's never too late."
Snape/Harry (Senses night, challenge by [info]venivincere)

Harry knew the taste of that mouth as it tried to send air back into his exhausted lungs.

Which is why, when the taste slipped away from him, he knew things had gone very badly indeed.

Couldn't smell that ozone sizzle of magic on the battlefield any longer. The overcast daylight was fading from his vision as if the sun had just remembered an appointment on the other side of the world. The hands gripping him, shaking him like a recalcitrant pup--those were soon lost to him, as well.

All he wanted was to lie down and rest. Rest for such a long time.

"NO, you pathetic excuse for a hero, you will not do this! I will not let you! Look at me, curse you! Look at me!"

How could he possibly get any rest with that shouting going on?

"You will not leave me! I need you, you idiot child!"

...What? Had Snape just...admitted something there?

The hands really were hurting him, and he tried to blink against the painful light. He could smell the grass crushed beneath him, and licked dry lips to speak, tasting the foulness of whatever it was Snape had poured into his mouth.

Snape's eyes were glittering.

"Th...thought it was too late," Harry muttered.

Snape sucked in breath slowly. "For Voldemort, yes, you bloody reckless paladin." And he pulled Harry into an embrace, clearly not caring who saw. "But he had no one to hold him here."

The fake lie detector
Moody/Draco (Urban legends night, challenge by [info]cluegirl)

"You've done it now, haven't you, lad. Took the Mark and now you serve Himself, eh?"

"No! I--" The purple fog surrounding Draco's head gave off a resounding clang.

"Ah, that was your first lie, then." Actually, the charmed fog was set to sound whenever Draco gave any negative answer. Snape had been delayed with the veritaserum, but Moody had a knack for alternative tactics.

Thirty minutes and a dozen dozen clangs later, Moody had all he needed.

"You're no rebel, no seditionist, my lad. What you are is a naughty boy who needs to be spanked."

"I'm not!"


Moody grimaced. Time to dispel that charm.

But to his surprise, Draco fell to his knees, clasping Moody's robes. "You're right. I need to be punished. Please, sir!"

How it got from there to a bare-bottomed Draco over his lap, bottom crimsoning under his hand, Moody never quite remembered.

The Castratus hex
Ron/Draco (Urban legends night, challenge by [info]rosesanguina)

Hermione goggled. "Ron?"

"He did it! The fucking ferret did it! Castratus hex! I'll get him to reverse it, then I'm KILLING him!"

Hermione's hands were at her mouth. "Ron, there' such thing as the Castratus hex! It's just a joke!"

"Then what the fuck is THIS?"

She hadn't expected him to drop trou that quickly, but she gasped, then gulped, then steadied herself and said, "I'd say that's a healthy example of the mons veneris, Ron."

"The WHAT?"

"Ron. There is no Castratus hex. There is, however, a Transexualis hex. Have you failed to notice that you have breasts?"

Before Ron could respond, the door banged open. Draco Malfoy entered, smirking.

"Well, Weasel--" Draco stopped, and his eyes grew nearly as large as Hermione's.

"Fuck, Weasley." He licked his lips. "You look...rather fit."

Bubble gum infested with spider eggs
Snape/Twins (Urban legends night. Challenge by me)

They come just before tea-time, a perfectly innocent time of day, and George's pocket always has a good-sized brick of Drooble's Best Blowing Gum in it. George doesn't offer it round at tea, though.

In fact, they rarely get to tea.

Tea's not so important, no, not when there's a war on and there are innocent faces you must wear like masks, and have so little time to wear your real ones, and Fred and George can't stay long with Snape--it's crucial that it just look like a visit to an old favorite professor (the twins laugh about that). The three of them use their stolen time efficiently, locking the door of the bedroom and checking the room for snooper charms before shedding their clothing and entwining on the bed like some twelve-limbed fantastical beast, kissing, thrusting, coming...marveling how wartime has made such strange bedfellows of them all.

The real purpose of their visit is dealt with so quickly, after all.

They leave the gum for Snape. It seems to them a clever way to smuggle the controlled Acromantula eggs to the Potions master. If someone accused them, after all, they could laugh and say, "That's an urban legend."

Dead Man On Campus (the "if your roommate commits suicide you automatically get an A" myth)
James/Sirius/Remus/Peter (Urban legends night, challenge by [info]rosesanguina)

"Well, it can't be me," said James. "You keep telling me how I've got the champion arse of the four of us."

"No, we said you ARE the champion arse of the four of us. I still can't see why it can't be Snivellus," whined Sirius.

"Because he's not even in our house, let alone our fucking room. Do let it go, Padfoot." Remus threw a Chocolate Frog at him. "So, no one's going to sacrifice himself for the rest of us? Throw himself off the Astronomy Tower and insure we all get top NEWTs?"

"Bugger NEWTs." Sirius ate the frog. "You three would miss my tongue."

"And you've all said how much you love the sounds I make when I come," Peter said, batting eyelashes uncovincingly.

"And I'm the one who brews the best lube," finished Remus.

They all stared about morosely. Then:

"Got it, lads!" Sirius leapt up. "We'll try to shag each DEATH!"

It never came close to death, but they all agreed later it had been a fabulous go, trying.

Alligators in the Sewer
Harry/Neville (Urban legends night, challenge by [info]florahart)
(A/N: I saw that challenge and my brain started humming the filksong, "Black Widows in the Privy," so, I think that's why this drabble resulted.)

"Neville." Harry had stopped in his tracks, disreputable liquids sloshing about his feet and pantscuffs. "It isn't that I don't believe you. It's just that I'm having a hard time believing that it really could have been Lucius Malfoy you saw fleeing down here. I mean, Neville, the sewer. Lucius Malfoy. You really think he'd ever use a sewer as a bolt-hole?"

Neville bit his lip. Said nothing.

"I'm just saying that it might have been someone else. You understand?"

Still silence.

A shuffle from Harry. "Look, I'm...going back up."

"You afraid?"

Harry stopped. "Of what?"

"You know. Things. The alligators."

Harry's mouth opened. "Oh, Neville. That's just a myth."

"Used to be."

And Filbert struck.

It was really no more sound than a splash and a gasp, and then another splash. Neville was grateful. Didn't want to have to remember Harry's screams.

After all, he'd loved him.

Lucius/Twins (Misc night, challenge given by [info]nimori)

"Red-headed twin boys, Lucius, oh, they're only a little older than Draco. Do have Arthur Weasley send them to tea. You can make the man believe your goodwill for just a little while, can't you?"

For his wife's wishes, Lucius can. Lucius includes Weasley's youngest son, Draco's age, in the invitation, for otherwise it would make no sense to bring seven-year-olds to luncheon with a five-year-old.

And while Draco and Ronald Weasley play--rather, as Draco and Ronald pound each other senseless in Draco's playroom--Lucius and Narcissa have their own pleasures. Lucius has no idea which twin bears which name; he hardly needs to know. Pink freckled babysoft skin, hairless except for fine red down...they have ample opportunity to know every inch of it with fingers and tongues as the children whimper sweetly under the effects of the drugged jam sandwiches.

They finish with Imperius, but prefer the whimpering.

Vampire bite
Lupin/Snape (Misc night, challenge given by [info]violet_quill)

"You dress in black."

"So do ten thousand other wizards and witches. And an immeasurable number of sullen muggle teenagers."

"Your skin's pale."

"I live in a dungeon, Lupin; why should that surprise you?"

"So you're telling me that, all rumors to the contrary, you are not a vampire?"

"Why should I tell you anything? Perhaps I enjoy the air of mystery."

"Except with you it's no air. More an odor."

Snape turned on Lupin, planted his feet. "Since you insist, you rabid horror, I will tell you: no, I am no vampire. I affect black because it shows less soil, and keep out of the sun because I get red and blotchy. Is that enough for you?"

"Not quite."

Lupin lunged.

Five minutes later, wiping his mouth and supporting the half-fainting Snape, he said, "It's rude for one vampire to feed off another. Had to be sure, old chap."

Harry/Draco (Misc night, challenge given by [info]florahart)

"Let me, Father. Snape trained me in legilimency. I'll find what you want."

Harry tried to push the pain to the back of his mind and concentrate. Snape might have instructed Draco, but his education of Harry in Occlumency had been real, not sham.

He distanced himself from the pain of their tortures, the chains on his limbs and the stone at his back. Show Malfoy nothing except as he willed it. Distract him.

Disturb him.

As Malfoy probed, Harry shifted the assault towards one set of images. Harry touching the sides of Draco's face. His lips meeting Draco's in a hungry kiss. Harry on his knees in front of Draco. Draco on his in front of Harry. The two of them entwined, sucking the salt and semen from each other's body as their hands groped and fondled and stroked and plunged everywhere, the only accompaniment the sounds of their panting and their groans.

The assault fell back.

So did Malfoy, a shaking step.

"What--what the fuck was that, Potter?" he gasped. "You showing me your greatest fears? Or deepest desires?"

Harry grinned at him through a mouthful of blood. "You're the trained legilimens, Malfoy. You figure it out."

"Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body."
Harry/Snape (Bible verses night, challenge given by [info]gmth)

"What the hell was in that?" Harry took the goblet from Snape's unresisting left hand, sniffed. "Aconite. Jesus."

"It's not your business."

"The fuck it's not. How long have you been doing this?" Harry was already on his way to the workbench.

"Leave that." Snape's voice was a rasp, had none of its usual command--which might have stopped Harry under other circumstances.

Harry had picked out the jar in just a moment of searching. "This is almost empty. How much of it are you up to? Does Dumbledore know?"

"Dumbledore has more to worry about that my methods of pain relief."

"You still didn't answer my question. How long?"

Silence. Then: "Since his resurrection."

"Fuck." Harry had his hands on the table, as if he knees would buckle otherwise. "And aconite is the only thing that helps."


Harry looked sideways at him. "No, you don't. Tell me. What else?"

Snape's lips were pursed, but it was clear he hadn't the fight in him tonight. "Orgasm."

Harry flushed.

"Wouldn't--er--wouldn't that be--easier? Than aconite?" He flushed harder.

The purse of Snape's lips...thinned. "The limb that the pain renders ineffective, you idiot, is my arm."

Harry couldn't flush any harder. So all he said was, "Oh." He dropped his gaze to the worktable.

He kept it there as he said, "Could I...suggest something?"

Three nights later, Snape was doing rather better. And the level in the aconite jar had remained steady.

"These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast."
Any two Death Eaters (Bible verses night, challenge given by [info]nimori)

Snape rose from the bed. He did not bother with the grey puddle of his robe upon the floor, but moved naked to the window.

"Albus, I do not think I can keep up the charade any longer."

His partner sighed from the bed. "If you cannot, you cannot."

"Are you disappointed in me?" Snape's voice was that of the twenty-one-year-old who had appeared, bleeding and desperate, at Albus's door sixteen years previous.

"No, my boy. This moment has been anticipated."

Snape turned to look at him.

"Hand me my spectacles and I shall show you what I mean."

Snape reached for them upon the table, touched them--and fell bonelessly to the floor.

He could still hear every word, see the skewed-angle view of Albus as he rose...and of the dark-cloaked figure who appeared at Albus's side, as they both came to stand over him.

"You see, Tom," said Albus. "I told you I was not lost to you forever, my dear."

"Let the rich man glory in his humiliation, because like the flowering grass he will pass away."
Lucius/Dobby (Bible verses night, challenge given by [info]gmth)

(A/N: The following is a result of immediately flashing on the obviously Slytherin answer to the Sorting Quiz question that stated, "What would you do with a house-elf if you had one?" and being unable to go with any other idea.)

"Suck harder, you twat," growled Lucius, spreading his legs beneath the computer desk as Chapter Three of Cybele's Quill and Ink scrolled across the monitor.

Beneath the desk, Dobby complied, pulling fresh tissues from the box. The bastard might not be granting Dobby clothes any time soon, but he'd have his revenge. Dobby had a magnet the size of a hotel bible stored in his cubbyhole, and he swore it would be under that hard drive before the week was out.

"They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not one."
Any Marauders (plus Snape, if wished) (Bible verses night, challenge given by [info]gmth)

"Look," said Remus, closing his book, "don't vex me so much, Sirius. You know it's the full moon in three days and I get dodgy."

Sirius put the Screaming Sugar Whistle down. "Oh--sorry, mate. We'll all be there with you, you know."

"Yes, but that's in three days. I'm all worked up now." He pushed the book aside, stood, and moved to sit next to Sirius on his bed. "If you want to be a help, that is."

"Moony--it's the middle of the day." Sirius did not move away, but neither did he lean into Remus, either. "Anyone might come in."

"You're worried about that?" The hurt was completely undisguised in Remus's voice. "I have to conceal that I'm a werewolf, a fucking dark creature, and you're worried someone might call you a poof?"

Sirius didn't sigh, but his hesitation said enough. Nevertheless he reached for the bed curtains, and the last thing that an observer might have heard before the silencing spell was Remus's "Good boy."


"Look," said Remus, "don't vex me so much, Peter. The full moon's in two days and I'm all worked up." He smiled. "You could help me burn it off."

Deut 25:2: If the guilty man deserves to be beaten, the judge shall make him lie down and have him flogged in his presence with the number of lashes his crime deserves
Lucius/Snape (Bible verses night, challenge given by [info]venivincere)

"Do you know whom you sound like?" Snape picked invisible lint off his robes. "Like Argus Filch. Hogwarts' caretaker; a half-mad drudge of a Squib. 'Old ways were better. Let's go back to flogging the students.' Does the comparison please you in the slightest, Lucius?"

"Even a Squib can preach moments of truth." Lucius appeared not the least perturbed. "Wouldn't you like that, Severus? Treating the brats to a good old-fashioned flogging, or caning, instead of all that namby-pamby subtracting of House Points? Nothing like a dozen stripes of welted skin to teach a child discipline."

"You're every inch the pervert."

"You never seem to mind." Lucius set down his wine and drew closer to Severus on the sofa, prompting a shiver. "Shall we retire to my rooms, and I'll give you further reminder? Narcissa's away for the weekend, as if you didn't know."

Severus wet his lips. "I...did know."

"Of course you did. Take the bottle; I'll be along presently." He kissed Severus, and the wine on his lips was all the better a vintage for that form of delivery. "Birch, or willow tonight, do you think?"

I am putting on the love of the Lord. And His members are with Him, and I am dependent on them; and He loves me. For I should not have known how to love the Lord, if He had not continuously loved me. Who is able to distinguish love, except him who is loved?
Snape/Dumbledore (Bible verses night, challenge given by [info]cursive)

"I didn't see Snape," said Harry as they left the Hall.

"Well, we're not likely to, are we?" Hermione was looking for an undamp corner of her handkerchief. "Not for some days, I'd imagine."

Ron snorted. "What--ex-Death Eaters too bloody broken up over Voldemort's loss to show their big noses at the ceremonies?"

Hermione stopped dead, dropping the handkerchief. "You...great imbecile!" she hissed, her red-with-crying eyes deadly as a basilisk's. "Didn't you see it? Snape's the one who misses Dumbledore more than any ten of us put together!"

Not more than I do, Harry wanted to say, but couldn't--something told him to pay attention to what Hermione had just said.

"Why's that?" asked Ron, still nonplussed.

"Because Dumbledore's rooms were also Snape's rooms, as you two would have known if you'd paid attention to that bloody map instead of just looking at it!"

"WHAT did you say?"

But Hermione had already run off, tears coming afresh.


Dear Professor,
I'm very sorry. I don't know what you're feeling but I know what it's like to lose someone you love very much.
If I can do anything to help--including staying out of your way because I know you've never liked me--I'll do whatever it is.
Sincerely, Harry Potter.

It was clumsy, but the words were honest. For Dumbledore's sake if not Snape's.

"Take this, Hedwig? Thanks."

And when she was gone, he wept--for Dumbledore, for his own ache, for the one he imagined Snape bearing.

For every witch and wizard mourning the man who'd taken Voldemort down with him, instead of celebrating war's end.

consensual spanking
Harry/Voldemort (Sins of the Flesh night, challenge given by [info]goseaward)

"Your choice, pet."

Harry, hands at his sides, presses the pads of his thumbs against his curled index fingers. It's what he does, now, instead of clenching his fists. That's too much defiance for Voldemort to let pass--so, instead, this.

He decides. Not difficult, really.

Instead of speaking his choice aloud, he acends the few steps to the dais and kneels next to Voldemort's chair. Like a pocketknife, his naked body unfolds to drape itself over his Lord's lap. He does not allow his head to droop, mercy though it would be, but stares straight ahead.

Humiliating, but less so than the alternative.

"One day," coos his Lord, "you'll call me Master freely, instead of choosing the punishment."

Harry does not reply--only watches the twin looks of lechery and disapproval on the faces of Snape and Malfoy, as Voldemort delivers the first slap.

Snape/Hagrid (Sins of the Flesh night, challenge given by [info]sparrohawk)

Nights in the dormitory are the worst. He won't be one of them, making those rustling noises as obvious as a herd of hippogriffs--or that utter stillness behind a Silencing Charm, no less embarrassing. As if the great disapproving eye of God's on you.

Showers--forget it. Severus won't even linger longer than a few moments there, for fear of an accusation about taking so long.

Secret places in the castle--there aren't any of those. Not with Bloody Black and Poncy Potter and Lunatic Lupin and Precious Pettigrew's eyes on him, all the time, hunting him like the little sneaks they are.

Which is why he's here, at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.


Severus, pants about his knees, nearly has a heart attack right there--but silently bewails the deflation of his aching prick most of all.

It's the bloody caretaker. Is there no place to have a goddamn fucking private wank around this fucking school?

But the bulky caretaker--Hagrid--only leers--no, wait, it's a grin--and takes out a handkerchief the size of a small tablecloth and tosses it to Severus.

"Kinda close quarters in that castle, innit?...You come here when y'like. I won't tell. Or watch--promise."

Severus never does go back. But he keeps the handkerchief.

Snape/Dumbledore (Sins of the Flesh night, challenge given by [info]venivincere)

Albus feeds on Severus's mouth as if he's been denied sweets all week. Which isn't true, Severus knows; he can taste pepper imps with every kiss, and there was no mistaking the squeak of ice mice earlier that evening.

He laps at Severus's chest as though the salt sweat there will cure an imbalance in his humours. Which, Severus thinks, could explain some of the man's eccentricities.

He feasts upon Severus's cock as though it is a gourmet's rare delicacy: an oyster or other shelled creature, still damp from the sea, tender and ready to be coaxed to unshy vulnerability. Severus has never known a lover so ravenous.

Once Severus made the suggestion they bring a jar of honey or cream to bed. "My dear, whatever for?" Albus had said, with a quirk of one eyebrow--and resumed his feast.

Despoiling Harry

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